– Yellowstone’s Child

Yellowstone's Child Front Cover           Yellowstone's Child Back Cover

Yellowstone’s Child, Charlie Liebert’s, first novel is published in Amazon Kindle.  The book’s main theme is personal identity, “Who am I?” Am I? Sarah or Sally. Johanson or Graham or Johnson or Detective Elaine Scott. NO, I’m Yellowstone’s Child. If it were a movie it would be rated “G” and is suitable for teens to read. It’s a GREAT read and won’t take too long. You won’t be able to put it down once you get to Yellowstone.

There are also two underlying messages in Yellowstone’s Child. All my characters are human. None of them is perfect. So, first the reader should recognize mankind’s imperfection. None of us are infallible. Second, as the plot unfolds, it shows life is uncertain and not often predictable. Since, as a Christian, I won’t use sex or violence I opted for drama; plot reversals and the story within the story to keep reader interest. It’ll make a great TV miniseries. One of my first readers complained: “Yellowstone’s Child made me cry five times, twice for sadness, and three times for joy.” It’s that kind of a story!