DNA Children’s Workshop Activity to Demonstrate the Superiority of Biblical Creation Over Atheistic Evolution. MEET TEAM AT (with Popsicle sticks)

The discovery of DNA as the means to transfer information to progeny is a show stopper for Atheistic Evolution.  Here is an activity from my children’s workshops to illustrate that information transfer requires intelligence.  This activity is one of the many in my new book: God’s Created Creatures Wreck Evolution.  A Teaching Guide for Biblical Creation. 

Learning Objective:1) demonstrate random processes do not generate information, and 2) the origin of information requires intelligence.

Method:Each team, usually 6-10 students at a table, will spell “MEET TEAM AT” using Popsicle sticks, simulating both the Evolution and the Creation models.

I selected this phrase because like DNA it contains four letters (M, E ,A ,T) and communicates information.  Evolutionists use blind random chance with no intelligence. Creationists use their minds and hands because God has both complete knowledge and ability.

Evolution Team:Blindfold one member of the team and then let them drop the sticks one at a time or in bunches to spell out “MEET TEAM AT” on the tabletop. You cannot use your senses to aim them; each drop must be random. You can’t touch or arrange them once they are dropped.

Creation Team:You can use your intelligence and work quickly. Place each stick on the table using your hands (ability) and your mind (knowledge) to make the letters to spell “MEET TEAM AT.”

Repeat:Reverse roles and let each team use the other model.

In conducting dozens of these workshops, I’ve never even had more than one letter formed, a “T.” I do get a lot of “X”s, but that’s not a useful letter. Here’s some student feedback.

  • “Mr. Liebert this evolution thing is never going to work.”
  • “Couldn’t we just peek a little to help Evolution along?”
  • “Why do people believe in Evolution?”
  • And the best from a twelve-year-old—”Do people really believe in Evolution? That’s stupid!”

Here, then, is one of the steps of faith for the Atheist. For evolution to work, information must arise from nothing without intelligence. An absurd belief!

Information Requires Intelligence: One of the laws of information science states that information only comes from an intelligent source and DNA is described as highly concentrated information. The more DNAis studied in real, living organisms, the more specific and complicated the coding is found to be.  We are just beginning to understand the coding and how that information is used to direct the construction of living organisms. A zygote, the fertilized egg in a woman’s body, contains all the data needed to construct a full-grown adult.

  • That one cell is a living human being! (This has many implications and I address it in “Always…)
  • Humans have twenty-three pairs of chromosomes filled with DNA.
  • In a human cell the molecule it is about 6 microns across.
  • One DNA molecule stretched out is more than six feet, two meters long.
  • The DNA molecule, double helix, contains the genetic code that is:
  • Billions of atoms arranged in unique order for each person.
  • Writing out this code would fill six hundred books of a thousand pages each.
  • All of which is contained on a pinpoint.
  • AND according to Evolution, it all happened by accident!

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