Charlie’s Short Course in Evangelism, 8/29 in Enola, Pennsylva

Charlie Liebert, Christian Apologist, and Teacher will be leading a workshop in Enola, Pennsylvania on Wednesday evening, 8/29, 6:30 – 8:00 PM at Enola Church of God, 9 Sherwood Drive.  The workshop’spurpose is to equip Christians to Dialogue with non-Christians about the gospel.  All the material taught in this course is in the newly published booklet: “Charlie’s Short Course in Evangelism.” 

Part 1 lays the Biblical foundations for dialogue with non-Christians including Jesus’ great commission, and Jesus’approach to challenges, presuppositional apologetics and the biblical principle of the state of humankind, being dead in sin.  The raising of Lazarus illustrates the sequence of salvation.

In Part 2  we determine an unbeliever’s spiritual temperature, that is how receptive they are to hearing the Gospel. I’ll also offer an approach to sharing the Gospel.

Are they cold?They don’t have any real interest in the Gospel, andeven a satisfactory answer to their questions would NOT change their relationship to Christ.

Are they lukewarm?If they are lukewarm, you conclude they are interested in Christianity but don’t appear ready to believe.

Are they hot? You’ve taken their temperature, and they are ready to respond to the Gospel. For example, they may say, “This is the one problemkeeps me from believing in Christ” or “If I had real answers I could believe, I’d consider becoming a Christian.”

Knowing their temperature, you then share your testimony and, if applicable, go to Closure to lead them into a relationship with Jesus.

The third part of the workshop will be learning and rehearsing a series of dialogues to speak with various groups including Atheists, & Humanists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormons, (LDS)

Part 4.  One of the most common views in our culture is Materialism, andI’ll share some tools to dialogue with one of them. As a worldview, it’s often called metaphysical naturalism, which is the philosophy that nature is all that exists throughout space and time. The natural world, the universe, the cosmos, consists only of natural elements, matter, and energy— nothing else. The supernatural does not exist; just nature is real. Believers of this philosophy are forced to consider atheistic evolution as the onlyway to answer the question “Where did we come from?”

Three tools to expose Materialism’s fallacyare 1) Immaterial Opposites, 2) Historical Narratives and Absolute Scientific Laws.

The booklet prepared to teach this workshop is Charlie’s Short Course in Evangelism.  Which contains four sections and three appendices 1) Charlie Liebert’s Biography 2) Charlie Liebert’s Testimony 3) Using Mortality as an Evangelistic Tool.

The material for this workshop are from two of my books: 1) Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! 2) 12 Lesson Study Guide for Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! 

This short course booklet is now available as “Charlie’s Short Course in Evangelism.”

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The Christian’s Biblical Responsibility to Teach Their Children God’s Wisdom.

This week I begin a series that addresses Christian parent’s responsibility to educate their children.  I speak with some life experience, having two children and five grandchildren.  My wife Terry and I became Christians in 1977 when I was 35.  In 1995, I joined the Board of Caldwell (Classical, Christian, Community) Academy (CCCA) in Greensboro, NC, one year after its founding and served for three years.  During that time Caldwell moved to a permanent facility and we saw the student body more than double.  Leaving the board in 2001, I taught at CCCA for three years before beginning teaching at the Community College level where I still teach today.  You can see Caldwell CCC Academy today at

If God gave you children, then he also gives you responsibility for their instruction.  As a parent, one of your PRIMARY responsibilities is your children’s education. Before you can begin teaching your children, you must learn God’s wisdom yourself from the primary source, the Bible.  Since we are God’s creation we must understand the nature and character of God.  This gaining of wisdom is a cycle of study, learning and teaching.  It requires effort!  In Romans 12:1-2 we are told it happens by the renewing the mind, personal STUDY! Your work is to take your thinking and bring it from your sinful self to more and more knowledge of God.  This transformation impacts our behavior as we are changed more and more into the image of Christ.  By building a foundation of our spiritual depth we can begin to instruct our children.  In the Bible verses below, you will see it is our effort combined with faith in the Scriptures brings us greater wisdom.  We can only teach what we know and understand so, the more we grow the greater our ability to impart wisdom to our children.  Remember it’s not just what we teach it’s more how we live.  Our actions often speak louder than our words so we MUST let the truth transform us.  Do not say to your children: “Do what I say not what I do!”  Say to them:  ”Watch me and do what I do!”  A living example has far more influence than instruction alone.  Read these Bible verses carefully to see the importance of wisdom!

Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Psalm 119:66 Teach me good judgment and knowledge, for I believe in your commandments.

Proverbs 4:13 Keep hold of instruction; do not let go; guard her, for she is your life.

Proverbs 9:9 Instruct a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.

Ezra 7:10 For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel.

Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

2 Corinthians 10:5 We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ,

James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!  A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan.” which develops a personal evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness.  His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is in You.  Direct, Simple Answers to the World’s “Hard” Questions” answers more than 100 questions skeptics use to try to stump Christians. Both at  Charlie’s third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead!  Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE” challenges Evolution’s believability, because it flagrantly violates three scientific laws, the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics and Biogenesis.   To break a scientific law, you need a miracle, and Atheistic Evolution cannot allow any.  Available at

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Worldviews and the Uniqueness of Christianity PART 2.

This BLOG is from Chapter 4 “The Uniqueness of Christianity” of:Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” Last week we saw the three different views of Mankind’s position in this world: 1) God’s not relevant, and death is final. 2) Non-Christian religions escape death by human efforts, and 3) Christianity, God rescues man from death. All three worldviews answer the same question: “What happens to us when we die?” Christianity differs from all other worldviews and religions in a stark way that all humanity is helpless and hopeless in defeating death. All are condemned to Hell by both their nature and action.

The History.

God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to test their love and obedience. By not eating from the tree, they could continually demonstrate love for God as an act of their will. They had the choice to not love by disobedience, so they had true free will. God warned them that eating from the tree would have the consequence of death. When Adam ate from the tree, he brought the curse of sin and death to all of the creation. Adam’s spirit died immediately. His body entered the process of dying, but it would be some time before he would physically die. It’s as if God said: “You will begin to die (spiritual death), you will continue to die (aging), and eventually, you will be dead (physical death).

The Dilemma.

The entrance of sin meant all children of Adam and Eve are guilty of this rebellion by both birth and personal practice. We are born sinners, and we sin by intent daily. All mankind is dead in their spirit and will not seek a relationship with God, hating God by nature and practice (Read Romans 1–3). The situation is entirely hopeless. All are destined to Hell, and no one can do nothing to stop their death. If this were the end of the story, Christianity would be the most hopeless religion because there would be no way to escape death. We are all lost, condemned and hopeless, so God alone can provide a solution.

The Good News.

Now, the good news of the gospel! God himself came to earth as Jesus, the perfect man, also called the second Adam. He was not born by the natural process but rather miraculously conceived in the virgin’s womb. As a result is not a son of Adam, and does not inherit the sin nature. His spirit is alive. Jesus lived a perfect life obeying all God’s law and then sacrificed himself to pay the sin debt of some of mankind. Since people will not seek God because they are dead, God himself has to awaken them, to hear the call to receive the payment of their debt made by Jesus. It’s called substitutionary atonement. One life traded for another to satisfy justice. Lazarus in the grave is a great example! See my earlier blog:

LESSON: Christianity is unique in world religions because it alone teaches man is dead and will not seek God. God alone can provide escape from death and only through Jesus Christ

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan.” which develops an evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness. His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to more than 100 questions skeptics use to try to stump Christians. The third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!” is currently in the final editing process and will be published later this year.

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A Christian parent’s response to US Public Education’s Humanist foundations.

In the early part of the 20th century, the foundation of teaching was “Judeo/Christian Values.” These values undergirding most subjects, particularly history, social studies and science, all were based on Biblical principles. The system NOT was specifically Christian, but teaching was based on Biblical presuppositions and worldview. For example, when morality was addressed in any subject area the Ten Commandments was the foundation cited and was often posted in classrooms. Education began to change in the 1920s with the adoption of John Dewey’s Humanist principles. By the 1950s Humanist principles dominated. Prayer was banned from public schools in 1964. By 1970 the Humanist philosophy was firmly entrenched, and Christian beliefs were being driven out. By the 1980s all residue of Biblical teaching was not only removed from the schools but was banned under the banner of “separation of church and state.” Between the period preceding World War 2 (1940) and the early 1980s, education’s foundations changed from values based on absolute standards from the Bible to a relativistic morality system based on the Humanism and the Humanist Manifesto. These two worldviews are always at opposite positions on every aspect of our lives and the world. The chart enclosed with this blog is a summary of the contrast between them.

Humanism is a system of doctrine that appears religious; however, humanists deny this and call their system secular humanism to remove the stigma of it being a religious system. Calling Humanism non-religious is a smoke screen because the “Humanist Manifesto” contains multiple religious statements. In several cases before the US Supreme Court Humanism has been defined as a religion. Here’s a summary.

Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism and other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

They have several creedal statements, the latest of which is “Humanist Manifesto 3,” (2003), however “Humanist Manifesto 2” (1973) is much more comprehensive.

Christians who send their children to public schools need to recognize that Humanist presuppositions are the foundation of all subjects their children are taught. In my blog of 3/10/2017, we saw this even in language and math! Christian parents putting their kids in US public schools must carefully monitor their children’s knowledge and values. The church loses many students from Christian homes because of this Humanist foundation in education. Parents have to work hard to counter Humanist teaching. When children, who are brought up in Christian homes, go to college or just out on their own, they often “lose” their faith. I’ve counseled many parents whose child has returned from the first year of college to declare, “I don’t believe all that stuff about Jesus anymore!”  Many college professors work hard to destroy Christian students’ faith so they MUST be prepared BEFORE they graduate high school. Ken Ham has written several books, which I recommend, about losing these students.  Already Gone, Already Compromised and Ready to Return all by Ken Ham

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan.” which develops an evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness. His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to more than 100 questions skeptics use to try to stump Christians. The third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!” is currently in the final editing process and will be published later this year.

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Blood, Science, and Truth, Part 1

thIn these next few BLOGS I am dealing with the nature of blood, and it’s portrayal of Spiritual Truth. Blood in Scripture is the source of life: “the life of the flesh is in the blood.” In Israel, blood sacrifices were used to atone for sin and in rites of purification, and finally, the blood of Christ brings everlasting life to those that believe. Today we’ll look at the science of blood. In subsequent weeks we’ll apply this to Spiritual truth.

The three-fold nature of blood is: 1) plasma (water), 2) red cells (the bearers of life) and the 3) Immune or protection system (clotting agents and immune system components of blood).   There are about 5 ½ quarts (about a gallon and a third) of blood in an average person.

Plasma is 55% of the blood (about 3 quarts). The remaining 45% is the cellular portion (red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells, platelets, and other cells). In one milliliter of blood (a medium sized drop) in men there are 5.2 million RBCs, 87,000 WBC, and 350,000 platelets and in women, there are 4.2 million RBCs, 70,000 WBC, and 280.000 platelets. For every 600 RBCs, there is one white blood cell and 40 platelets. Every red blood cell contains 400-500 million molecules of hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the body cells. Each molecule of hemoglobin transports eight molecules of oxygen. So every red blood cell contains 1 ½ to 2 billion oxygen molecules. That’s a total of1012 oxygen molecules in my body at any given moment. My mind boggles!!! If you took all of the blood vessels out of an average child and laid them out on a line, the line would be over 60,000 miles long! An adult’s vessels would be closer to 100,000 miles long!

The circular flow of blood in the body.

1) Oxygen-poor blood, blue in color, flows from the body into the right atrium.

2) Blood flows from the right atrium into the right ventricle.

3) The right ventricle pumps the blood to the lungs, through the pulmonary artery where the blood releases waste gasses and picks up oxygen.

4 ) The newly oxygen-rich blood, now red in color returns to the heart through the pulmonary vein and enters the left atrium.

5) Blood flows from the left atrium into the left ventricle.

6) The left ventricle pumps the oxygen-rich blood, through the Aorta, to all parts of the body including the little toe.

7) The blood moves through the arterial system to narrower and narrower arteries until it enters a capillary where the RBCs line up in single file.

8) The capillaries near every cell exchange the oxygen for carbon dioxide and other waste gasses. The blood turns from red to blue as it looses the oxygen.

9) The blood now heads back to the heart through ever broadening veins until it reaches the right atrium, where it started.

AND, This all happens in about a minute.

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” which develops an evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness. His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to more than 100 questions skeptics use to try to stump Christians. My third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!” is currently in the final editing process and will be published later this year.

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Give Your Christian Testimony at Every Opportunity!

As a Christian do you get stumped by a question from a friend or family member that shuts down your intent to share the Gospel? When asked one of “those” questions like “Where did Cain get his wife?” don’t answer immediately. Share your testimony FIRST. In my book “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” I teach a strategy that gets to your testimony BEFORE answering that question. Today I’ll share the SHORT version of mine. (My book also has medium and long ones.)

After you’ve taken their spiritual temperature continue: “I am sure there is an adequate answer to your question but before I answer your question, let me tell you about my journey of to becoming a Christian.”

“As I matured, I left the church of my youth and ultimately became a hard-core atheist. How could there be a God with so much suffering and death in the world? After marrying my wife, Terry, and having two children, our family came to Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1973. Since we left our families in New York and New Jersey, Sundays became a long day with two small children. My wife, Terry, met some neighbors and as an ex-Catholic decided to attend an Episcopal church, leaving me home with two young children. After several weeks, I also decided to participate in that church. Managing two young children at home was not an easy task for me. My new life in Greensboro was falling apart quickly. My marriage was faltering, I had a drinking problem, I had a to pornography addiction, and had a job working for a man I hated. The church we attended held a weekend retreat in Asheville, North Carolina, in 1977, and both Terry and I felt it would be good for me to get away for a short time. As the weekend progressed, I was confronted with the gospel. I was a lost sinner. That was very clear by the way my life was going, but what could I do about it? Nothing myself, but it became apparent that my sin debt was paid by Jesus’ death on the cross. He could give me new life! Wow! Everything changed. I came back to Greensboro a new person. Christ would begin to heal our marriage, change my behavior, and give me a new worldview. Atheism was trashed for a relationship with the living God. The changes were so dramatic my fellow workers joked about the old Charlie (the one that drank a lot of beer and religiously read Playboy and Penthouse) vs. the new Charlie that was entirely made over. My description of myself today would be “a wicked sinner saved by grace.” From a hard-core atheist, I “evolved” into a Bible-believing Christian.”

Now ask your questioner another question. Remember Jesus did this all the time. Use one of these or make up your own. You want to probe how they react to your testimony.

“Now you understand the radical change that took place in my life, how about you? What do you believe?”

“Tell me about what you believe.”

Or you can go directly to an invitation. “Now you know how Jesus changed my life. Would you like him to change yours?”

YOU can be an effective evangelist! Adopt my strategy!

NOTE:   This material is partially from pages 81-82 in my book “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer.” Get your copy at

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US Public Education’s Disaster, Relativism in Place of Absolutes

Children in US public schools are taught every subject based on the Atheistic/Humanistic presupposition that knowledge is relative. When absolutes are removed from education and relativism put in its place, Public Education fails. Knowledge cannot be built without starting with absolutes. Two examples: reading and math.

1) READING The phonics method to teach reading begins with the absolutes—letters and sounds—and goes to the relative—words and sentence formation. Todays, whole languageach, starts with the relative, whole words and never builds a foundation of letters. Reading skills don’t develop without the letter foundation. Absolute  relative because that’s how God designed it. As a child develops speech, he or she starts with sounds. Listening to a baby test his or her vocals is always interesting. We don’t expect them to begin with words. Word and sentence formation comes after the sound development of the letters. Education fails to make effective readers without the absolute foundation of letters and sounds, phonics.

2) MATH In Common Core mathematics problem-solving methods are taught and little time is spent on the mechanics of numbers. The absolutes in math are the numbers and their relationships: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Starting with the relative never teaches the absolutes of number structure. If you were born before the middle of the twentieth century, you probably remember memorizing the times tables. Those tables, along with addition and subtraction, are the absolutes that build the math system all the way to calculus. Without the absolute foundation of numbers, the mind won’t ever “get it.” Math becomes a mystery instead of a problem-solving tool. As a parent, look at the math-teaching materials: number lines, indirect calculations, etc.

I could go on with more issues in science, history, etc., but that’s enough to make my point. The “official” method is always relativism. NO absolutes! Only presuppositions compatible with Atheism/Humanism are permitted in our public schools.

In the seventies, I taught four summer sessions on Biblical Creation at the North Carolina Governor’s School. This summer program, for top rising seniors in public schools across the state, allowed me to make my Creation presentation because its purpose was to “provoke critical thinking in the students.” In the fourth year, I took a poll, by a show of hands, asking: “How many believed in some form of Creation instead of Evolution.” As with the general population surveys, about half the students raised their hands. Several humanist teachers were in the room and saw half the hands go up for Creation. My contact person, a Christian, later told me they were very upset because I had so many convincing arguments.

The lesson I learned here was, in public schools, you can teach, but only according to humanist presuppositions—so much for the First Amendment in education. Substituting the absolute foundation God gave us for relativism destroys critical thinking in students and makes “political correctness” the result. Today’s students can’t read or do math effectively. They become advocates for whatever, without any reason or foundation for their beliefs. That’s the direct result of relativism without absolutes.

NOTE:  This material is from pages 45 and 46 of my book “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” Get your copy at

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