Lost in Yellowstone

LostinY Cover

This short story is a lead-in to the full-length novel “Yellowstone’s Child”. This story is complete in itself, telling how Sarah Johanson becomes Sally Graham. A married couple, Sam and Gloria Graham, chicken farmers from Mississippi, loose their 10-year-old daughter, Sally, to brain cancer. After her death, they plan to sell their Mississippi farm to move to Nebraska. Before selling, to help recover from their daughter Sally’s death; they take a short vacation in February at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. At the same time, at Yellowstone, three cousins from the Johanson family reunion fall into a river partially fed by hot springs. Two get right out but the third, Sarah, hits her head and floats away on her back downstream. The Grahams rescue her and discover she has complete amnesia. They kidnap her and take back to Mississippi to replace their dead daughter, Sally. Park Rangers and Sarah’s family search the river in Yellowstone but recover no body. Sarah is eventually declared dead.
The novel this story is taken from is Yellowstone’s Child. It’s main theme is personal identity, how one answers the question, “Who am I?” When Sally/Sarah recovers her memory that conflict becomes acute. The author of this fictional work is Charlie Liebert. He has published two other Kindle short stories: “The Memory Tree”, a Christmas story and “Helene” a biographical sketch of his paternal grandmother when she was 16 in 1900 Italy. Charlie has also published two books in the Christian genre: Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! which presents a personal Christian evangelism strategy used to get to the Gospel before answering those “hard” questions people ask Christians. The second book, ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You”, gives direct, simple answers to the world’s “hard” questions, answering more than 100 of the questions Christians are often asked. Click http://yourchristiananswers.com or like the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Charlie-Liebert-1603534356575541/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel