Charlie Liebert’s Education and Occupations

I began my working life at 16, in 1957, when I went to work as a stock and clean up boy for McCrory-McLellan (a retailer called in those days a “Five and Dime”). I worked part time for the time it took to finish high school and complete my AAS degree at State University of New York (SUNY) at Farmingdale. I took a job at Lever Brothers R&D center in Edgewater New Jersey, left my parents home, and went out on my own. I worked at Lever as a laboratory technician and then a product-testing supervisor for the six years it took to get my BS in Chemistry at Fairleigh Dickenson University in Teaneck NJ. I worked 40 hours per week and went to college at night. After graduating, I changed jobs and companies to J.R. Geigy Chemical Company in Ardsley NY working as a research chemist. I married Terry Lee Perrone from West New Your, New Jersey and we moved to Rockland County, NY. I soon realized if I wanted to get far with a career in chemistry I would have to get both a Masters and a PhD. Since I believed that was too much educational work, I decided to change my educational direction from science to business and work for a MBA in Marketing at Iona College’s Graduate Division of Business in New Rochelle, NY. When I got my masters, in June 1970, I was immediately assigned the job of coordinating the CIBA-Geigy Chemicals Division moved to Greensboro, North Carolina. The division and my family moved to Greensboro in late 1973. By this time Terry and I had two children, Keith born in 1970 and Melanie born in 1972. After the relocation was completed I was assigned a job as Business Planner for the Dye and Chemicals Division of CIBA-Geigy Corp. In 1975 the company embarked on a major program to acquire companies to expand our division’s business. I was selected lead this team as Acquisition Coordinator. During this acquisition program we purchased two companies and one product line. In March 1977 I became a Christian and later in the year later Terry also became a Christian. I was 35 years old. The testimony of my conversion to Christ from a hard core Atheist is given in my testimony. When the acquisition program was finished in 1978 I moved to Greenville, SC as Information Systems Director in one of the companies we had acquired. We returned to Greensboro, NC in 1980 and I was made Manager of Customer Service. I managed Customer Service until 1988 when I became Manager of Business Planning until I took a retirement package from CIBA-Geigy in 1994. During my years with CG, at various time I managed between 2 and 35 people. When working in acquisitions and customer service I often flew 4 to 8 airplane flights a week. In 1990, while still working full time, I joined the board of Caldwell Academy, A Classical Christian School founded in 1988. After I retired, in 1996, I resigned from the Caldwell board so I could teach Dialectic Science (Middle School) for one year. From 1996 until 1999 I led weekly science assembly programs at Caldwell. In 1997 I went to work for Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham’s ministry, for two years leading weekend programs with both children’s workshops and adult seminars. Starting in 1995 for a little more than 10 years I produced a one-hour, weekly, public access TV show on Greensboro Community Television (GCTV) using footage shot from my seminars and workshops. Immediately after I retired in 1994 I founded a single proprietorship business called Creation, Dinosaurs and thE Flood (CDEF). This business hosted my independent workshops and seminars and sold books and videos at these programs and at 3-4 home school conventions each year. Credit card processing was a part of CDEF’s operations. CDEF also had a website that sold books and videos worldwide. In 2001 I gave up selling books and sold only video products. In 2011 the business was liquidated. In August 2008 I began teaching business courses at Davidson County Community College including; Principles of Management, Introduction to Business, Business Law, Principles of Marketing, Study Skills and Student Success Strategies. While teaching at DCCC I worked with both BlackBoard and Moodle learning platforms. During my time at DCCC I won 2 academic prizes for excellence in teaching, including a grant for $3000. I began work as a fiction and non-fiction author in 2012.

Career and Education List and Dates

Company                    Career                                          Start          End

McCrory-McLellan        Stock and Clean-up Bo                1957               1961

State University of NY  AAS in Chemical Technology     1959               1961

Lever Brothers R&D      Laboratory Technician                1961               1964

Lever Brothers R&D       Product Testing Supervisor       1964               1967

Fairleigh Dickenson U    Earned a BS in Chemistry        1961               1967

J.R. Geigy Chemical Co.  Research Chemist                      1967               1970

Iona College, Business      MBA in marketing + minor econometrics   1970

CIBA-Geigy Chemical Co  Relocation Coordinator           1970               1973

CIBA-Geigy Chemical Co  Business Planner for D&C      1973               1975

CIBA-Geigy Chemical Co  Acquisition Team Leader        1975               1978

Church of Jesus Christ      Became a Christian 3/20/1978                  Eternity

Charles S Tanner Co         Information Systems Dir. (CST) 1978           1980

CIBA-Geigy Chemical Co  Customer Service Manager         1980           1988

CIBA-Geigy Chemical Co  Business Planning Manager        1988          1994

CIBA-Geigy Chemical Co  Retired, November 1994                                 1994

CDEF                                     Sole Proprietorship Business      1994          2011

Greensboro Com. TV         Produced TV Program                   1995          2005

Caldwell Academy    Science Teacher, Dialectic, 8th Grad   1996           1999

Answers in Genesis    Seminar and Workshop Leader           1997          1999

Davidson CC College   Adjunct Instructor in Business          2004     Present

Self Employed as Author   Fiction and Non-fiction Author   2012     Present