Charlie Liebert’s Christian Testimony of Being Saved by Grace. Today, I share my first written reaction to grace.

My blogs for the next several weeks will be devoted to my journey in Christ.  I became a Christian on March 20, 1977, at age 35, at a men’s retreat in Ashville, N.C. My conversion was both sudden and dramatic.  Years later my peers at work would joke about the “old” Charlie and the “new” Charlie. As I often told them: “the beer drinking, Playboy reading, dirty joke telling, cussing Charlie died in 1977, and a new person took his place. “Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, all things become new.”  From my recent writing, you will find, that I haven’t forgotten where I came from.  I know I am a lost sinner saved by grace.  The Apostle Paul after listing many different sins including those I listed as mine above says: “AND SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU.  Yes, I needed God’s grace for Jesus to pay the debt of sin I could only pay by dying and going to Hell myself.  Next week I will give a short version of my testimony.

Salvation came to me March 20, 1977.  (My testimony in poem)Written by Charles William Liebert on June 3, 1977

Many a young man seeks “pie in the sky.”

Most important to me was never to die.

As I grew older, I saw death “face to face.”

But I, would never come, to that lonely place.

Grandpa, grandma and a young friend,

One at a time came to their end.

My wife became ill; I feared she would die,

There must be more to life than seen with my eye.


I work, I come home, I yell at the kids.

I yell at my wife. She does as I bid.

I roll around in a great hollow ball,

Not satisfied with anything, myself most of all.

My thirsting for “things” has become insatiable.

Now pushing myself hard, to all I am able.

And now several people I know quite well,

Leave this world and pass on to Heaven or Hell?


A great revelation now comes upon me

I too will die.  O woe, woe is me!

What difference will my life make, when it ends?

I seek for the truth with a small group of friends.

I remember some things I learned as a boy;

God is love; God is life, God is peace, God is joy.

Now I have seen what I must do?

I must love God first and my brother too.


I had now passed from death into life

and very soon after life comes to my wife.

And now I begin renewing my mind

My world upside down, I soon clearly find.

To you whom I speak, What will you be?

A prisoner in bondage or a man set free.

Now listen to me, I have one thing to say,

I pray you find Christ fore the end of your day.

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