Charlie Liebert’s Biography

Charlie Liebert lived in Amityville, Long Island in the New York area until 1973, when he, his wife Terry, and their two children, Keith and Melanie relocated to Greensboro, NC. After high school graduation in Amityville, in 1959, he received an AAS degree in Chemical Technology from the State University of New York at Farmingdale. In 1967, he earned a BS in Chemistry from Fairleigh Dickenson University (Teaneck, NJ), and in 1972 an MBA in Marketing from the Graduate Division of Iona College (New Rochelle, NY).

From 1961 to 1967 he worked for Lever Brothers Company in their Research and Development Division doing laundry detergent application research and development. In 1967 he joined Geigy Chemical Corporation (which became CIBA-GEIGY in 1970) advancing from laboratory technician to manager. Upon receiving his MBA in 1973 he moved to the marketing department, where management responsibilities included; market research, customer service, order processing, transportation, technology development, strategic planning, Systems design and budgeting. He retired at age 53 after 27 years in November 1994.

Charlie’s published numerous articles and editorials in both local and national publications. In 1984 he wrote a booklet about the decline of American public education, titled: The Subversion of the INNOCENTS: What Happened to Our Schools. Charlie has made over 400 presentations to groups such as: the NC Governor’s School, civic clubs (Kiwanis, Civitan, Rotary…), PTAs and public and private schools. He conducts half-day workshops for home school students called “Creation, Dinosaurs and thE Flood”. For several years he was on call to conduct workshops and seminars for “Answers in Genesis” (Ken Ham’s ministry).

Terry, his wife, works for Weight Watchers in North Carolina. Both their children graduated high school from Wesleyan Education Center in High Point, NC. Keith is in the Utah National Guard and is a skilled Unmanned Aircraft Flight Instructor. Melanie is married and a graduate in primary education from Messiah College in Grantham, PA. She taught second grade in a Christian school in Carlisle, PA and now teaches Kindergarten at that same school. Charlie and Terry have five grandchildren, two sons of Keith and a daughter and two sons of Melanie and Mike.

When Charlie became a Christian in 1977 he was faced with a serious intellectual dilemma. He had been taught evolution as a fact, yet when he read Genesis he saw, God created the world in six days a relatively short time ago. For three years, after his conversion, he studied books by many “recent creationists” became convinced that recent creation made a lot sense than old age evolution. He says; “When you look at the science objectively recent Creation is much more viable than Evolution. I evolved from an Old Earth Atheistic Evolutionist to a Young Earth Creationist in about three years.”

In the academic year of 97-98 Charlie taught science and Bible in the Dialectic (Middle) school at Caldwell Classical Christian Academy in Greensboro. In June of 1998 he began leading “Creation, Dinosaurs and thE Flood” workshops and seminars both independently and for Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham’s Ministry). In 1998 six half-hour television programs, filmed in 1997, featuring Charlie, were consolidated into two 90-minute videos and marketed worldwide by American Portrait Films. They are: Creation Science with Charlie Liebert, and Creation Geology with Charlie Liebert.

From January, 1999 to December, 2006, Charlie produced a television series from his workshops and seminars for Greensboro Community Television called “Creation Foundation Explanation”. As a result of the TV series, he became known in Greensboro as the “Creation Guy”. From August, 1999 to June, 2004 Charlie taught science lab programs for grades K through 6 at Caldwell Academy. Beginning in August 2004 Charlie beagn teaching at Davidson County Community College (DCCC), including: Business Law, Study Skills, Introduction to Business and Principles of Management. Today he continues to teach at DCCC and also does occasional workshops and seminars related to science and the Bible.

In early 2014 Charlie began working on writing two books. The first “Always! Be ready! To give an ANSWER!” presents a Christian personal evangelism strategy based on Jesus method of asking questions. This book equipts Christians to become fearless evangelists for Christ.

During more than 30 years of asking questions in his programs and on his web page ( he complied short simple answers to over 100 questions unbelievers ask Christians. This second book, “ANSWERS for: “the hope that is in you.” contains those questions and answers. After the Q&A Charlie carefully analyzes the Origins debate, establishing the credibility of Young Earth Creation and destroying the credibility of Atheistic and Theistic Evolution and Old Earth Creation!

Charlie can be contacted at “”, 336-337-4975 (call or text).