Blog 2017 40 10/13/2017 Evolution’s Third IMPOSSIBLE problem! Going uphill in a downhill Universe.

This week we close a series of three articles summarizing the themes of my new book “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead!” subtitled “Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE.” There are two opposite views to explain how we got here: Evolution, everything appeared very slowly during billions of years. OR Creation, God made everything in six days about 6,000 years ago. Which one is true? Both frameworks face the same obstacles. There are three steps in both that require miraculous action because they violate known and proven scientific LAWS.  Laws of science have NO exceptions. If they do, they can’t be laws, only a theory or a hypothesis. For Creationists, breaking scientific laws requires no explanation because Creation by its very nature is supernatural and God has the power to break laws, and they remain laws. These events are called miracles.

3) UPHILL MOLASSES! Decreasing Entropy, Increased Information in Genetic Systems, DNA/RNA, Order from Chaos.

Many arguments are made against increasing order in the Universe.  Here are four examples: 1) DNA and New Information, 2) From Simple to Complex. 3) Adding Energy With or Without Machines and 4) Biological Complexity

The Evolutionary fallacy of decreasing entropy requires DNA to develop new information. All living organisms contain the four-letter language system we call DNA. In animals that sexually reproduce each new generation is the product of two different individuals with different DNA. Each gender, male and female, contributes half of the genetic material for one complete new unique individual. The DNA language has three billion pairs in humans; therefore, the possible unique children born to any human couple is 102017. Indeed, that proves every person is a unique individual.

DNA communicates the characteristics of living organisms to the next generation so, this information cannot come from random processes; it can only come from intelligence. All our knowledge in the field of information Science confirms orderly information ONLY come from an intelligent source.

Here, then, is the third step of faith for the Atheist. For Evolution to work complex information must arise without intelligence. An absurd belief! This level of faith is illustrated by Richard Dawkins book Climbing Mount Improbable where he argues intelligence can come from no intelligence.

Watches and the beach.  Here’s an illustration of the problem of information created without intelligence. All the materials needed to make a timepiece are either dissolved in ocean water and present in the sand on the beach, but we don’t walk down the beach looking for watches washed up on shore. A watch requires a watchmaker. A typical Rolex watch contains at least 115 precisely designed parts including gears, screws, battery, frame, hands, etc. Even if we had all the parts and shook them together in a bag for millions of years, we still won’t have a watch. The components each have to be precisely made and then the watch assembled. If we consider the 115 parts randomly assembled one at a time, we would need 2.92 X 10158 attempts to get a functioning watch. That’s one chance in a number higher than the electrons in the Universe (1080).

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