SIX Education Myths: Over-population, Short Natural Resources, Evolution, One-World Government, Socialism, & Climate Change

The Humanistic foundation of US Public Education promotes six politically motivated popular myths in today’s classrooms.

  1. Over-population, too many people on the planet.
  2. Shortage of natural resources, not enough food for everyone.
  3. Evolution, you came from pond scum and are going to dirt.
  4. One world government, we won’t survive without central control.
  5. Socialism is a successful economic system.
  6. Climate Change & Global Warming will kill us all.

All six are FALSE.

Over-Population. As I rode around my former home state of North Carolina, I never ceased to be amazed at the tremendous amount of empty land, and this is true all over the world. We are indebted to Gary Newell for the following illustration on population. “If we gave every person about two and one-half square feet, about enough space to stand and turn around, how much space is needed for the whole world population? They would all fit within the city limits of Jacksonville, Florida.” If that’s true then why do we have starvation in some parts of the world? Do we have a shortage of natural resources?

Shortage of Natural Resources. The most commonly cited illustration of the not enough food is the country of India, where starvation is common. India produces sufficient food to feed all its population and export one-third to fee other countries of Asia. Why then do they starve? It’s because they have a religious system that: 1) not only allows large amounts of food to be eaten by the “sacred animals” but 2) does not let the people eat the animals that are readily available. Starvation in India is a religious, or spiritual darkness problem not a shortage of resources. People may also starve because of: war, localized famine, crop failures, unfavorable weather, etc. but overall there is enough food for everyone if we could eat what’s available.

Evolution. Atheistic Evolution is impossible, NOT improbable, IMPOSSIBLE! It has to break three scientific laws to succeed. All the “missing links” are still missing. It has to defy logic in the design of living organisms. It has to invent information without intelligence. But the real issue is the Roman’s 1 problem. “…their foolish hearts were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools.” For information about Evolution see the books I’ve published ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You” and to be released soon “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead.”

One World Government & Socialism. Both of these political ideas are pushed in texts dealing with government, civics, social studies, etc. Never in any of these have either one of these views been criticized or analyzed in an objective fashion. They are portrayed as Utopian solutions.

Climate Change and Global Warming. This myth has very contradictory scientific data, and apocalyptic predictions about the future have not been fulfilled. Al Gore predicted the Polar icecap would melt by now but it’s still very large. The Antarctic ice cap today is larger than many previous years.

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan.” which develops an evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness. His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to more than 100 questions skeptics use to try to stump Christians. The third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!” is currently in the final editing process and will be published later this year.

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Political Correctness – suppresses critical thinking, muzzles free speech, prevents dialogue and perpetuates lies.

Political correctness is one of the greatest barriers to addressing society’s problems today because it stifles critical thinking, muzzles free speech, prevents dialogues and perpetuates lies. A simple definition of “Political Correctness” (PC) is attitude, behavior or policy that does not offend, distress or upset any group in society who are a unique, religious, political, racial, social, etc.

Solutions to societies problems start with dialogue and critical thinking. To address a problem, first, list all alternatives. In the question of our origin, an Atheist will never consider Theistic Evolution or Biblical Creation and likewise the Christian will not believe Atheistic Evolution. Each one’s inherent bias has eliminated some of the possible answers. Because you don’t like something does not mean it is not a possible solution. Once you list all alternatives, analyze them in depth, listing advantages and disadvantages. Understanding all the aspects of every option, without negative bias, is critical to get the best solution.

One barrier for best solutions is every person’s worldview and presuppositions. Using critical thinking to achieve the best results is possible if one can put aside one’s biases.

So, what is “Political Correctness”? Here’s a simple definition. “You are only allowed to think the way I think. If you don’t, you must be censured and silenced.” In PC the right to offend is ALWAYS eliminated. PC flies in the face of everything we know about freedom and free speech in particular! Another way to say this is: “Only group think is allowed. Don’t think on your own!”

Political Correctness began in the late 1980s as a quick way of conveying concern about the leftist influence in the Universities, media, and culture. PC referred to academic policies that moved the content of the college curriculum away from academic studies into the social modification of student’s behavior. PC is also called “the culture war.”

PC’s underlying concept is that everyone should “be nice” to everyone else and not critical or unkind anyone. To “be PC nice” is absurd and foolish given the diverse nature of humans. PC prevents honest dialogue. A good example of this is the deterioration of race relations in the US from 2008 to 2016. PC has suppressed and prevented any real dialogue between the competing groups and lies and stereotypes on both sides are perpetuated and cause further division. For example, the PCs “white privilege” vs. “black lives matter” vs. “deplorable ones” have made matters worse and have led us away from possible solutions.

PC suppresses speech rather than freeing it and is a clear violation of the principles of the first amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” It’s time we started to talking to each other about our problems instead of throwing rocks or cursing.

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” which develops an evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness. His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to more than 100 questions skeptics use to try to stump Christians. My third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!” is currently in the final editing process and will be published later this year.

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Evolution Wastes Valuable Resources That Could Be Working to Cure Diseases


Since Evolution’s not true spending any millions of dollars on Evolution promotion and research every year is a complete waste including time, money, scientific talent, precious laboratory space, and many others resources. If these resources were used for research that is beneficial to humankind, we would advance faster in things like curing disease and wipe out human suffering in many ways. All these resources spent on promotion of Evolution and research has NO benefit to humankind. To illustrate this terrible waste, I’ll give two examples: The National Science Foundation Website and GoLife Studies.

First, The National Science Foundation, funded by US tax dollars, maintains an interactive website titled: Evolution of Evolution -150 Years of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species.” This site is very slick and sophisticated. Besides promoting Darwin himself, it covers the scientific areas of Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Geosciences, and Polar Sciences. This site is periodically updated with new material. It is especially attractive to computer literate youth and is pure Evolution indoctrination. They mix real operational science with Evolutionary conclusions to show they are related and MUST be accepted together which is pure propaganda and has no basis in real science. This website approach can be very convincing to a young student or a person with little understanding of science. The site is tax-funded indoctrination of a scientific model of the past that only half the US population supports. It is a complete waste!

My second example is a series of government-financed projects that have no redeeming value. They contribute NOTHING to the growth of useful scientific knowledge to improve humankind. The NSF funds these studies under the umbrella of Genealogy of Life Program “GoLife Studies.” They are designed solely to develop the Evolutionary “Tree of Life.” The Evolutionary Tree of Like does NOT exist and research to assemble it has no scientific value. Here is a sample list of some of these projects.

Assembling the Annelid (worms) Tree of Life

Assembling the Echinoderm (plants) Tree of Life (4 projects)

Assembling the Green Algal (water algae) Tree of Life (3 projects)

Automated and community-driven synthesis of the tree of life (2 projects)

Assembling the Phylogeny of the Monocots (plants)

Assembling the Pleurocarp (moss) Tree of Life

The Porifera (sponges) Tree of Life

The Zygomycetes (fungus) Genealogy of Life – The conundrum of Kingdom Fungi

Untangling the Deep Genealogy of Microbial Dark Matter

I didn’t find any projects that relate to anything that could potentially help humans. The work classifies into the “Tree of Life” things like moss, worms, algae, fungus, sharks, sponges, etc. In 2014 this program had 72 open projects at the cost of slightly more than $47 million. In the last paragraph of their project summary, they state their intention to indoctrinate students as part of the research! Here, the government is financing research with no value.

These are just two examples of many resources wasted on promotion or research that could be used for work much more beneficial to humankind. It’s not just the cost and lost assets; there is also a significant amount of intellectual talent wasted too.

This blog is from my third book, now in the review process, titled “Without 3 Miracles, Darwin’s Dead!” My first book Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! teaches an evangelism strategy for Christians who have difficulty witnessing because of the questions unbelievers ask. My second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to 106 of those questions,

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Censorship of Christian Viewpoints in a Free Society


The question of Creation vs. Evolution is not freely discussed today in US culture. Censorship and indoctrination are used to promote Evolution in all public schools and most schools of higher education. The media will not report anything that would question belief in Evolution and will consistently distort creationist news and views. If you want more evidence to confirm this, go to the Ark Encounter Web site and review the negative publicity, or examine the history of the opposition to building the Creation Museum in Kentucky. This origins censorship is viewpoint discrimination and a clear, direct violation of First Amendment freedom! As Christians, we must be aware of it and speak out against it at every opportunity.

The United States today is far from the nation the founders envisioned; however, there are still some Christian principles partially underlying our culture:

  • A government established based on the consent of the governed, of the people by the people, and for the people.
  • The moral compass of right or wrong based on the Bible and the Ten Commandments.
  • God-given individual rights and responsibilities as recognized by both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
  • Unlimited economic opportunity based on a free enterprise system, i.e. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and many more.
  • Specific freedoms for the people enumerated in the first ten amendments to the Constitution: free speech, free press, ownership of private property, the right to assembly, constraints on government search and seizure, etc.

Applying these principles should assure open dialogue on the matter of Creation vs. Evolution, but that is not the case. In many parts of US, no discussion of origins is allowed: in most media, in public schools, and a majority of institutions of higher learning.

I had one evolutionary university professor come to my Web page to tell me, “We teach our students, ‘Evolution is true. Don’t question it!'” If students doubt they’re told, “Shut up and accept it or you fail this course.”

My friend Bob Kelly and I were invited to teach Creation at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro in the late 1980s. We taught three one-hour sessions. After the last class, the department head took us to lunch to thank us for our time since we weren’t paid an honorarium. He told us, “Although we appreciate your time, we will never invite you back again because you did not play fair in your presentation.” Confused, Bob asked, “How did we play unfairly?” Somewhat frustrated, he said, “You told our students things we would never teach them.” I asked for examples, and he exclaimed angrily, “The gaps in the fossil record, the irreducible complexity of living organisms, the information content in genetics, and much, much more!” It was apparent to both Bob and I that he was not interested in education but in presenting only the Evolution view to recruit believers and fortifying those that already believed. That’s propaganda, not education. A real education includes looking at all sides of an issue.

As Christians we MUST defend our right to speak TRUTH or we will loose it. Political correctness must never take precedence over freedom to speak!

This blog is from portions of Chapter 9 “Cultural Context” in my book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.”   Charlie is also the author of Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!

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