Charlie’s Publishing Assistance for Kindle eBook and Paperback.

This week I’m announcing my new endeavor to help unpublished authors get their book into a marketable form on Kindle and Amazon.  Charlie Liebert, experienced author will help publish your book on Kindle as an eBook and convert it to a paperback for less than $1,000.  Charlie has 14 eBooks on Kindle and 11 have also been published in paperback.  Send me a manuscript of at least 50 pages and I’ll get it on Kindle and in paperback. It’s easy and cheap.  Here’s the steps.

1) Send me your email address, mailing address (P.O. is OK), manuscript, cover page and $250.  Manuscripts more than 100 pages will cost $1.50 for every page over 100.   If you don’t have a cover page I can help you create one which costs $150 paid only after your approval. The first three cover iterations are free.  More than three are $35 each.

2) I’ll establish an account at Kindle Direct Publishing with your email and set up your book as an eBook.  When you approve the eBook on Kindle, pay an additional $250.  You can stop here or go on to create a paperback.

3) I’ll convert your book to a 6” by 9” paperback.  All my templates are set for 6X9 so any other size will require additional costs.  I’ll format the book, create a title page and table of contents.  I’ll NOT edit to correct spelling or grammar. When ready you’ll receive a paperback proof copy to approve.  You review it up to three separate times and make changes to your preferences.  Editing changes for spelling or grammar cost $2.00 each.  Additional reviews above the initial three cost $35 each.

4) When you approve the final version, you pay $250 and I’ll turn the account over to you and we’re done.  You now have a KDP account, an eBook on Kindle and a paperback listed on Amazon all for less than $800.  Your estimated costs to purchase paperbacks as the author are:

Estimated costs for non-color books with full color cover, not including shipping are:                                      50 to 100 pages or less pages = $2.15,            117 = $2.25,     156 = $2.72      240 = $3.56

All internal color, 50 pages ~$4.00

5)  Note: All your costs after initial setup require your approval BEFORE you pay for it.


Step Description Cost
Initial setup $250
Create Color Cover (Optional) $150
Cover Iterations Over Three $35 each
Approved eBook $250
Paperback Edits $2 each
Paperback Revisions Above Three $35 each
Approved paperback $250
Total Without Cover $750
Total With Cover $900

Email to  to get started or go to

Resources available at

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ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is in You.  Direct, Simple Answers to the World’s 106 “Hard” Questions”  $9

Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead!  Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE. $9

Christian Education: My Children’s Christian Education, What Should I Do?A Christian Educator’s Analysis and Advice. $8

Creative Historical Non-fiction (Family History): Liebert Annals in Deutschland.  Our Complete German History$7

Tales of a Teen Aristocrat, Pranksters, a Witch, Curses, Ghosts and a Jew. $7

Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation.  $5

General Interest Fiction: Yellowstone’s Child.  $7

One Android, 399 lives. 59th Street Terrorist Attack Kills 399.Fictional attack.  $7

Other eBooks on Kindle: The Memory Tree.A Gospel Christmas Story.  $2.99

Helene at Mama Henney’s Boarding School for Girls.  $2.99

The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf.  Der Fluch der Hexe von Zahlendorf. $2.99

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