God’s Creation reflects His Trinitarian nature. The three-fold nature of the Universe.

As a Young Earth Creationist, I have many discussions with other Christians about the age of God’s creation.  In this blog, I’m putting the age of the Creation discussion aside to highlight another characteristic of the Universe, its three-fold nature. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity, God in three persons, was defined in the Nicene Creed (325 A.D.). (The following citation is from Wikipedia) “The Ante-Nicene Fathers asserted Christ’s deity and spoke of “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” even though their language is not that of the traditional doctrine as formalized in the fourth century. Trinitarians view these as elements of the codified doctrine. Ignatius of Antioch provides early support for the Trinity around 110 A.D., exhorting obedience to “Christ, and to the Father, and to the Spirit.”   Justin Martyr (AD 100–165) also writes, “in the name of God, the Father, and Lord of the universe, and of our Savior Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit.” The first of the early church fathers to be recorded using the word “Trinity” was Theophilus of Antioch writing in the late 2nd century. He defines the Trinity as God, His Word (Logos) and His Wisdom (Sophia) in the context of a discussion of the first three days of creation. The first defense of the doctrine of the Trinity was in the early 3rd century by the church father, Tertullian. He explicitly defined the Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and defended Trinitarian theology.  St. Justin and Clement of Alexandra used the Trinity in their doxologies and St. Basil likewise, in the evening lighting of lamps.

The Trinitarian nature of God is reflected in both His Word and Creation.  For example, in his Word, 3-in-1 is shown in both Testaments: Isaiah – “Holy, Holy, Holy…”  Matthew – “in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…”  Creation is attributed to the action of all three members of the Trinity.  In Scripture Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all described as Creator.  The whole creation is constructed in 3-in1 components.  Before you look at the table below, how many can you name?  If you come up with a new one, that I don’t have listed send it to me at charlie@sixdaycreation.com.  Happy Year to all my readers.


Item One Two Three
God Father Son Holy Spirit
Matter Proton Electron Neutron
Time Yesterday Today Tomorrow
States of matter Gas Liquid Solid
Primary Colors Yellow Blue Red
Universe Matter Energy Motion
Egg Shell Yolk White
Family Father Mother Child
Mankind Body Soul Spirit
Soul Mind Emotions Will
Emotions Physiological Response Cognitive Label Emotional Response
Secular “Mind” Thinking Feeling Doing
Quiz Questions Animal Vegetable Mineral
Rocks – Geology Igneous Metamorphic Sedimentary
Planet Earth Crust Mantle Core
Photosynthesis Light Chlorophyll Chemistry
Plato’s Soul Reason Spirit Appetite
Greek Understanding Air Fire Water
Radiation Particles Alpha Beta Gamma
Water Molecule Hydrogen Oxygen Hydrogen
3-Legged Stool Most Stable Of All Tables Even Four Legs
Ear Outer Middle Inner
Natural Forces Electromagnetic Gravitational Nuclear
Newton Motion Laws Inertia Momentum Action/Reaction
Quadratic Equation aX2 bX c
Thermodynamics Temperature Energy Entropy


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