ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You”

One of the common reasons Christians don’t witness to friends and family members is fear of not being able to answer those hard questions they ask. Is this a problem you face? Wrestling with this issue for many years, I have a solution to share! My first book: Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! helps develop your own personal evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel before answering unbelievers questions. Next you need to give direct, simple answers to those questions. That’s this book:

ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You”.  ANSWERS cover

Over 100 common questions asked by unbelievers are answered simply and directly. Creation vs Evolution is explored and the two most important implications of believing evolution is explained: 1) the value os human life, and 2) racisms evolution connection.   If you put the principles in Always… and the answers in ANSWERS to work you WILL become a fearless evangelist for Christ. Check this site for details.