Introducing: God’s Created Creatures Wreck Evolution. A Teaching Guide for Biblical Creation.

Today I’m introducing my new teaching book for Christian Biblical Creationists, God’s Created Creatures Wreck Evolution. A Teaching Guide for Biblical Creation.      I became a Christian at age 35, in 1977. After about 4 years of study, I began teaching children and adults Christian Apologetics in several different church settings.  Seventeen years later, in 1994, I retired from the Corporate world and began conducting workshops for children, in homeschools, churches and Christian schools, showing “Creation” as the real explanation for our origin.   For about two years, from 1977 to 1999, I led workshops for Ken Ham’s ministry “Answer In Genesis.”   From all my teaching and writing experience I’ve developed many lessons using living creatures to show how Creation defeats Evolution.  In this book I’ve created a teaching tool for Christian educators and parents that use examples from the natural world to teach the flaws of Evolution to Grammar and Middle school children.  

I’ll keep the language simple and use a lot of pictures to make teaching easy and fun. Most units are an even number of pages so you can open the book and see all of a lesson at one time, although some are in two parts.  As a long time, teacher of all ages I suggest, particularly with young children, using one lesson at a time.  Make the teaching fun and don’t be afraid to use the Internet to enhance your teaching but always use caution by keeping children supervised. SO, USE CONTROLS AND FILTERS!! May the LORD bless you when you use this book to teach your children.  The book is divided into four Chapters: 1) Science, 2) Day 5 the SEA, 3) Day 5 the AIR, and 4) Day 6 the LAND.  Each chapter shows examples of Evolution’s failure to explain nature’s creatures, their design and behaviors.  Each example contains goal(s) for that particular topic. There are more than 25 activities on 70+ pages with seven chats/tables and six worksheets.  All 135+ pictures are full color. Here’s four examples of some activity pages. ONLY $14.99 or $14.00 at my website  Quantity discount? contact Charlie at  If you buy it and like it please write a review on Amazon.

11 thoughts on “Introducing: God’s Created Creatures Wreck Evolution. A Teaching Guide for Biblical Creation.

  1. @ Charlie: You will increase your readership if you limit yourself to the total for categories and tags allowed by WordPress. This limit is 14 or 15. This post above likely did not appear on any of the tag pages you assigned to it as you went over the limit. Your categories appear at top and your tags at bottom of your post and these total to much more than 15. Hope this helps.


  2. Question: In the story of creation, Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth in the Garden of Eden. How come all humans are not Jewish? Even after the flood, all of the descendants of Noah were Jewish. Where did the Chinese and all the other races people come from?


    1. The Jewish nation is not established until God calls Abram, Abraham out of UR.
      Before that, all humanity was one group descended from Adam and Eve.
      The race question is answered by these links.
      Where did all the different races come from?
      If we come from one father why do we have different blood types and genetic diversity?
      How will our knowledge of genetics like the Human Genome Project effect arguments for evolution?


  3. This dosn’t answer my question. If all humans came from Adam and Eve and their progeny were all Jewish, why aren’t there Jews of the other races? When the different branches of humanity split off from the roots of Judaism, they would have certainly kept their Jewish faith for they believed they were the chosen ones. So where are they?


    1. For Christ’s sake, the Bible is the book of the Jews. Just ask Lewis Black. They wrote it. There is a lot that is not in the Bible, which is great because then all sorts of things can be imagined. The dismissal of the evidence of DNA and archeology, a very Trumpian move, “It’s fake news.”


      1. “Trumpian” ??

        Can you be more specific with your dissent or disagreements? What are you implying – that God does not exist, or could not exist, if there were some truth in evolution, or natural selection?

        Atheism is a position or statement of faith. That is actually the truth. Atheists have a negativistic faith position. Their looking to science fails because science is not competent to address the existence of God. Evolution does have some significant problems, as Charlie points out.


    2. Charlie, a clarification on why I refer to these first humans as Jews. They were of the same tribe, all descendants of Adam and Eve, later on of Noah and the second population of the earth; and it only took 6,000 years? I doubt there is anyway the different races would have been divided and not taken their God Yahweh with them.


  4. larryzb Trumpian? Tis refers to how Trump responeds to news he doesn’t like. It’s fake news! And that is how believers in the supernatural react to Science. Fake news because belevers don’t want their dream bubble to burst. GROG


  5. larryzb You say: “Atheism is a position or statement of faith. That is actually the truth. Atheists have a negativistic faith position.” This is my atheism:
    Atheists believe that everything in the universe is natural, it all just happened this way, with no supernatural “creator’.
    Atheists believe that humans are just one of the millions of species that have evolved on our earth. We are all related, don’t you know?
    Atheists believe that like all other life forms we will die.
    Atheists believe that resurrection and an afterlife are delusions that believers have been scammed into believing! And, for 2,000 years, I might add.
    God is naught, but a wish to be special, and to “live” forever. Disbelieving what I do, I am pretty damn sure that we have only one life, not two!
    GROG because these monotheists pray for the end of the world.


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