Introducing: God’s Created Creatures Wreck Evolution. A Teaching Guide for Biblical Creation.

Today I’m introducing my new teaching book for Christian Biblical Creationists, God’s Created Creatures Wreck Evolution. A Teaching Guide for Biblical Creation.      I became a Christian at age 35, in 1977. After about 4 years of study, I began teaching children and adults Christian Apologetics in several different church settings.  Seventeen years later, in 1994, I retired from the Corporate world and began conducting workshops for children, in homeschools, churches and Christian schools, showing “Creation” as the real explanation for our origin.   For about two years, from 1977 to 1999, I led workshops for Ken Ham’s ministry “Answer In Genesis.”   From all my teaching and writing experience I’ve developed many lessons using living creatures to show how Creation defeats Evolution.  In this book I’ve created a teaching tool for Christian educators and parents that use examples from the natural world to teach the flaws of Evolution to Grammar and Middle school children.  

I’ll keep the language simple and use a lot of pictures to make teaching easy and fun. Most units are an even number of pages so you can open the book and see all of a lesson at one time, although some are in two parts.  As a long time, teacher of all ages I suggest, particularly with young children, using one lesson at a time.  Make the teaching fun and don’t be afraid to use the Internet to enhance your teaching but always use caution by keeping children supervised. SO, USE CONTROLS AND FILTERS!! May the LORD bless you when you use this book to teach your children.  The book is divided into four Chapters: 1) Science, 2) Day 5 the SEA, 3) Day 5 the AIR, and 4) Day 6 the LAND.  Each chapter shows examples of Evolution’s failure to explain nature’s creatures, their design and behaviors.  Each example contains goal(s) for that particular topic. There are more than 25 activities on 70+ pages with seven chats/tables and six worksheets.  All 135+ pictures are full color. Here’s four examples of some activity pages. ONLY $14.99 or $14.00 at my website  Quantity discount? contact Charlie at  If you buy it and like it please write a review on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Introducing: God’s Created Creatures Wreck Evolution. A Teaching Guide for Biblical Creation.

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  2. Question: In the story of creation, Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth in the Garden of Eden. How come all humans are not Jewish? Even after the flood, all of the descendants of Noah were Jewish. Where did the Chinese and all the other races people come from?


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