Two Liebert Family Stories of Survival, Life, and Death.

This week I’m blogging two excerpts from my book: Liebert Annals in Deutschland, Our Complete German History.The blogs are taken from the short stories: Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation.And Helene at Mama Henney’s Boarding School for Girls. For info go to or find on Kindle/   

Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation is the story of how my twice Jewish aunt, survives the Holocaust as her gentile cousin Olga Quandt.  Twice Jewish because she was the daughter of and married to a Jew. It’s Berlin, Germany, the day after Kristallnacht.  Her uncles’ Jewelry store’s been looted and all 19 family members disappeared.  She knew she had to find a way to hide.  The “escape bag” of diamonds hidden under the store’s floorboards could let her become her dead cousin Olga because she died in Africa with no record of her death in Germany.

EXCERPT: Berlin, downtown, 11/12/1938 1:15 AM.  Rosemarie stopped at the corner and looked down the street toward her uncles Hans and Fritz’s Jewelry store.  As she expected the windows were broken and the glass and other remnants of the previous night’s looting were still on the sidewalk.  On the far corner, two Gestapo stood under the street light smoking. The advertising sign that usually hung in the window  “Diamanten und Gold Zuverkaufen” (Diamonds and Gold For Sale) was on the sidewalk below the window.  Painted on it in large, red letters was the word JUDEN! She knew she had to see if the “escape bag” was still there, but she would have to wait until the SS was gone.  That bag could be the difference between life and death!

Helene at Mama Henney’s Boarding School for Girls.  From 1898 until 1901 my Grandmother Helene was in Italy at a school for aristocratic girls from all over Europe with lung diseases that could be helped by the Italian climate.  Three times a year Europe’s ruling aristocrats would bring their sons to a school ball to meet potential wives.  Preparation for the annual Departure Ball, Friday, June 24, 1898, included Wednesday and Thursday afternoon dance practice sessions.  On Thursday, Heidi arrived from Munich.  She was very ill with TB so, she knows she can only dance a few times, so she asks for the best dancer, Helene, my grandmother.

EXCERPT:Heidi’s Last Dance.   Helene tells Heidi’s story to her children in 1922: “For music we just had one violinist to play waltzes.  After our first dance, Heidi is very, very tired. She collapses into a chair and immediately falls asleep.  About an hour later, after her second dance she coughs up blood for several minutes, and her father tells her: “No more dancing.”  Another hour later, Heidi’s father’s gone, and dance practice is about to end. Although she looks exhausted, she insists on dancing one last time.  I help her out of the chair onto the dance floor.  Heidi whispers in my ear: “Hold on to me very tight.  I don’t feel strong.”  She lays her head on my shoulder and sighs, her last breath. Thinking she fainted, I carry her to a chair and let her down slowly.  Her parents rush over, but she’s gone.  Her parents thank me for, ‘making Heidi’s last hour happy.’  All the girls in the school, except Gretta, wore black armbands for the next month.”

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