Charlie Liebert’s Credibility to Give Analysis & Advice for “My Christian Children’s Education, What Should I Do?”

Last week I announced the release ofmy latest book “My Christian Children’s Education, What Should I Do?” which isavailable on Amazon as a Kindle download at $3.99 or paperback at $9.99 + shipping.  As a Christian educator, I’ve presented analysis and advice to help Christian parents make the best decisions to educate their children. This week I’ll summarize my experience in education to establish my credibility qualified to help Christian parents.

In 1996, I joined the board of Caldwell Academy, A Classical Christian School founded in Greensboro, NC in 1994. During my time on the board, the school doubled in size, relocated to a new permanent site, and built its first building.  Today Caldwell has three significant buildings and enrollment has grown to over 800 in grades K-5 through 12.  Immediately after I retired in 1994, I began a single proprietorship business called Creation, Dinosaurs and the Flood (CDEF) which hosted educational workshops and seminars for children and adults.  CDEF sold books and videos at these programs.  In 1990 CDEF established a website that answered over 100  Christian Apologetics questions about the Bible and science In 2011 the sales business was liquidated, but the site continues today.  In 1997, for two years I worked for Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham’s Biblical Creation ministry leading children’s workshops and adult seminars.  In 1998, I resigned from the Caldwell board toteach Science and Bible for that year. Keeping my interest at Caldwell alive, from 1999 until 2001 I led weekly Grammar science assembly programs. Beginning in 1995 until 2005, I produced an educational one-hour, weekly, public access TV show on Greensboro Community Television (GCTV) using footage shot at my seminars and workshops.  In August 2004 I began teaching business courses at Davidson County Community College (DCCC) in Lexington, North Carolina. I continue teaching today on-line courses.  At DCCC, I won 2 academic prizes for excellence in teaching, including a grant of $3,000.  I began work as an author in 2012.

To summarize in the last 27 years:

1) I’ve helped start and grow a Classical Christian School in Greensboro, NC,

2) Taught science at both the Grammar & Middle (Dialectic) School levels,

3) Led “Origins” seminars and workshops for Answers in Genesis and ministry CDEF.

4) For ten years, I produced an educational weekly TV show.  From local exposure on that show, I became known as the “Creation Guy” and was often recognized as I traveled in the Greensboro area.

5) Led more than 50 programs teaching Christian Apologetics in churches, schools, and civic clubs.

6) Counseled Christian parents and their children in Apologetics to counter the results of the students “loss of faith” when they left home and went to college.

7) Taught Business and general education subjects at Davidson County Community College for the last 14 years

I pray the LORD bless you as you consider your Biblical responsibility to educate your children.

Four Books:

1) “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!”  A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan.

2) ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is in You.” Direct, Simple Answers to the World’s “Hard” Questions”

3) “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead!” Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE.

4) “My Children’s Christian Education, What Should I Do?”  A Christian Educators Analysis & Advice.”

Amazon/Kindle Items written by Charlie Liebert:

1)The Memory Tree.” A Gospel Christmas Story.

2) “Helene at Mama Henney’s Boarding School for Girls.”  My Grandmother’s adventures in 1900

3) “Lost in Yellowstone” Sarah Johanson disappears without a trace.

4) “Yellowstone’s Child”  Who am I? Sarah Johanson, Sally Graham, Sally Johnson or Detective Elaine Scott. NO! She’s Yellowstone’s Child.

5) “One Android, 399 lives.” 59th Street Terrorist Attack Kills 399.

6) The Curse of the Witch of Zahlendorf. Der Fluch der Hexe von Zahlendorf. A 17th-century German folk tale dramatically illustrated by events in 1921.

7) “Liebert Annals in Deutschland.”  Our German Family History Volumes 1, 2 & 3.

  1. A) “Felix, Helene and @21 Garten Strasse” Volume 1
  2. B) “Joachim Liebert’s Remembrances” Volume 2
  3. C) “Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation” Volume 3

Twitter name: @CreationCharlie     Charlie’s weekly blog, search

Video answers

Contact charlie@sixdaycreation.comor 336-337-4975 (call or text).

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