How my twice Jewish Aunt survived the Holocaust. “Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation.”

“Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation”  available on Kindle and Amazon, is the amazing true story of how my Jewish aunt survived the Holocaust.  Rosemarie Liebert was twice a Jew.  She was the daughter of a Jew, and she had beenmarried to a deceased Jew.  It’s Berlin, Germany, November 12, 1938 the day after Kristallnacht.  Her uncle’s Jewelry store has been looted.  All 19 members of her three uncle’s families disappeared.  She knew now she had to find a way to hide.  The “escape bag” filed with diamonds could save her by letting her become her dead cousin Olga.   Olga died in Africa with no record of her death in Germany.  .  The Gestapo’s pursuit is relentless. Rosemarie, the twice Jew, survives the Holocaust as the gentile Olga Julia Quandt

Berlin, downtown, November 12, 1938, 1:15 AM.  Rosemarie stopped at the corner and looked down the street toward her uncles Hans and Fritz’s Jewelry store.  As she expected the windows were broken and the glass and other remnants of the previous night’s looting were still on the sidewalk.  On the far corner, two Gestapo stood under the street light smoking. The advertising sign that usually hung in the window  “Diamanten und Gold zu verkaufen” (Diamonds and Gold For Sale) was on the sidewalk below the window.  Painted on it in large, red letters was the word JUDEN! She knew she had to see if the “escape bag” was still there, but she would have to wait until the SS was gone.  That bag could be the difference between life and death.  As she stood there waiting she thought:  “How did I ever get to this situation?”  As she stood atthe corner waiting, her thoughts flashed back to some of her life events

Brussels, Gestapo HQ 12/23/1941:Two Gestapo officers with one man and one woman dressed in civilian clothes entered and sat in the four opposite chairs.  Only the woman smiled.  The uniformed officer that sat almost directly opposite Olga opened a folder and began to read.

“Your papers indicate you are Olga Julia Quandt. You were born in Munich on May 16, 1908, to Shavoy and Marie Quandt.  Is that true?”

Olga/Rosemarie realized they were already trying to trap her. “No, that is not true.  I was born in Berlin on June 16, 1908.”

The officer smiled and sarcastically said: “Very good.  You know when and where you were born.  Now let us review our problem. We have a record of you leaving Germany in 1936, but we can find no record of your return to Germany.  How and when did you come back?”

Olga realized she was in a dilemma.  How would she explain this?  The real Olga never came back. She died in Africa, and her body and papers were burned because of the jungle fever.

To stall for time, she said slowly: “I can explain this.”

Authors note: I dedicate this story of my aunt and to my 18 family members from Berlin who did not survive the Holocaust.

“Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation.” Is available as an eBook or Paperback on Kindle or Amazon.

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