Rosemarie, Kristallnacht Transformation. How my twice Jewish aunt, with a Jewish father and a deceased Jewish husband, survived the Holocaust in Germany 1937-1945 by becoming her Gentile cousin.

Recently I have written three stories that relate to my family’s history in Germany before my dad and his mother came to the US in 1928.  When I turned 16 on September 2, 1957, I got my driver’s license and three weeks later my first car, a seven-year-old 1950 Ford.  I could now travel on my own.  My father’s mother, Helene Quandt Liebert Gohmann, lived in the small town, Copiague, 10 miles east of where we lived in Amityville.  Her health, at 74, was faltering because she had only one functioning lung and smoked cigarettes and cigars secretly.  My dad suggested my grandmother help me with the German I was studying by having lunch together on Saturdays.  We would speak German, and I would (secretly) monitor her health.  Of course, she knew exactly what I was doing, but she loved telling me stories about her life and speaking German, so she didn’t object.  So began a 2½-year adventure learning about my family and their life in Germany.  During my Junior year my Aunt Rosemarie came to visit for 6 months, so I heard her stories too.  The story highlighted today come from those dialogues.  Even though it was more than 50 years ago I can still see in my mind’s eye her describing the Gestapo interrogation.  It still gives me chills.  Find it on Kindle or Amazon

This is the amazing story of how my Jewish aunt survived the Holocaust in Germany. Rosemarie Liebert was twice a Jew.  She was the daughter of a Jew and she was married to a Jew.  It’s Berlin, Germany, November 12, 1938 the day after Kristallnacht.  Her uncles Jewelry store has been looted.  All 19 members of her three uncle’s families disappeared.  She knew now she had to find a way to hide.  The “escape bag” could save her by letting her become her dead cousin Olga.   Olga died in Africa with no record of her death in Germany.

This is the story of how Rosemarie, survives the Holocaust as the gentile Olga Quandt.  The Gestapo’s pursuit is relentless.  Authors note: I dedicate this story of my aunt to these 19 family members who did not survive the Holocaust.

Berlin, downtown, November 12, 1938, 1:15 AM.  Rosemarie stopped at the corner and looked down the street toward her uncles Hans and Fritz’s Jewelry store.  As she expected the windows were broken and the glass and other remnants of the previous night’s looting were still on the sidewalk.  On the far corner two Gestapo stood under the street light smoking.  She recognized them by the “funny S” on their uniforms as her dead Jewish husband; Albert had called those shoulder markings. Looking back across the street she noticed the sign with the store name was smashed on the sidewalk.  The other advertising sign yhat usually hung in the window “Diamanten und Gold zu verkaufen” (Diamonds and Gold For Sale), was on the sidewalk below the window.  Painted on it in large, red letters was the word JUDEN!

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