TWO QUESTIONS ABOUT CREATION. Young Earth (YEC) vs. Old Earth Creation (OEC): Did God lie in “YEC” because newly created things look old, and they are NOT? Does “OEC” conflict with Scripture?

I was recently confronted by an “Old Earth Creation” (OEC) Christian with the challenge: “I don’t believe in a Young Earth, because God lied in Genesis since newly created things look old, and they are NOT!

I responded.  “You made a false assumption in your objection to “Young Earth Creation” (YEC).  God is not deceptive, but God is outside of time. You assumed the age of anything can be determined from its present state, which is called Uniformitarianism. This is NOT true. When God creates, the item appears older than it is because of that false assumption. For example, when Adam was one second old, how old did he appear 18, 20?  When God created the fruit trees, they were ready to bear fruit. That takes YEARS from the seed. When Jesus changed the water into wine, it was splendid wine. The only way we can get good wine is to age it. Uniformitarianism is a false assumption!   When God creates, the objects have an appearance of age.  That’s not deceptive.  You have been led astray because you made that false assumption.”

Then I said: “Also OEC is inconsistent with theology taught by Scripture.”  He disagreed.  So, I continued: “The OEC position directly violates God’s word at least twice. These conflicts are real and not an interpretation of the meaning of the words of Scripture. These two are:

First, Death in Creation before Adam sins in Genesis 3 and

 Second, an imperfect Creation before the end of Day Six.

Both are violations of the nature and character of God as He revealed Himself in Scripture.  There are other indirect Biblical reasons, but they are not as compelling as these two. For example: why did God give us the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11 and Luke and Matthew if dating isn’t important?”

A Caveat.  I don’t believe that Christians that hold the OEC position are not saved, but that that belief is inconsistent with what the Bible teaches. Believers understanding of God is imperfect because we are sinners. I implore those accept OEC to be receptive to the teaching of God’s Word. Remember, in my journey I was first an Atheistic Evolutionist, and then a Theistic Evolutionist, then I considered gap, day-age, long days, etc. and finally arrived at the “Young Earth” position three years after my conversion. It took an extended study of both Scripture and science to become a YEC.  I went through a process of Evolution in my life, from Atheistic Evolutionist to Young Earth Creationist! He left promising to consider what I said.  I pray he does.

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