Why should I consider believing Bible Creation instead of Atheist Evolution?

I recently attended lectures at the Carlisle library titled: “Science & Religion: Lessons from History for the 21st Century” taught by a Shippensburg College professor who is a firmly committed Evolutionist.  He made presentations of the historical context of Evolution vs. Creation and explained how Evolution works.

Some opponents of Biblical Creation portray it opposed to science.  Creationists are not opposed to science, but believe it is not reliable to predict past events because it is interpretative nature.  All so-called scientific theories are not the same.  Of these four: 1) Evolution, 2) Einstein’s Relativity, 3) Atomic Theory, and 4) Quantum Theory, only Evolution cannot be directly investigated in the present. Evolution hypothesizes past events that cannot be observed today because we live in the present This limitation of science, requires testing and verification by repeated experiment eliminates “Molecules to Man Evolution” as a scientific theory.  It should be called philosophy or a model of the past NOT science.  Even if evolutionary scientists proved macroevolution in a laboratory, which they haven’t, it only shows what’s possible NOT what happened.  We don’t have the past; we can’t prove the past with certainty, it’s gone.  Therefore, reconstruction of history is a non-scientific exercise. However, it’s done every day in courtrooms all over the US.  We use scientific data to reconstruct the crime, but the past is NOT PROVEN only hypothesized.  When evidence is weak or contradictory, we get a jury that can’t reach a verdict of guilt or innocence.  Two groups of jurors look at the SAME evidence and came to opposite conclusions.  This problem of “same evidence, different conclusions”  is the nature of the origins debate.  Different people with different presuppositions look at the same evidence and come to opposite conclusions.  People may believe in either one, but because Atheists cannot accept God, they MUST believe in Evolution.  Some will avoid the Abiogenesis problem by starting with Panspermia; life brought here by Aliens or a meteor.

The Creation model seems very alien to most people educated in US school systems since public schools only teach Evolution. I once felt that way too. After becoming a Christian in 1977, I confronted a dilemma. All my science education taught me Evolution was a fact. As I read Genesis, it was apparent that the Lord created the world in six days a short time ago. For the first time, I studied the ‘other’ side by authors like Henry Morris, Duane Gish, John Whitcomb, Ken Ham, and Gary Parker. Previously I’d only been exposed to Creation taught as a caricature by those that didn’t believe it. In three years of study, I evolved from an Atheistic Evolutionist into a convinced “Young Earth Creationist.” I urge everyone who has been only taught Evolution to look seriously at the “other side.” If you don’t change your mind at least, you will have an understanding of Creation.  A good source to see the impossibility of Atheistic Evolution is my book: “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead!  Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE.”

Charlie is the author of three books and seven short stories published on Amazon, Kindle.

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