Two humorous stories to supplement Friday 11/24/2017 Blog. US Education’s Greatest Failure, EVOLUTION!

God made? OR Descended from apes?

Sarah, 10-years old, came home from school and asked her dad: “Dad at school today the students were talking about where did all the people in the world come from.  What’s the true answer? Where did they all come from?”

Her dad being an Atheistic Evolutionist answered with a detailed explanation of Evolution ending with: “So, you see Sarah, we are all descended from ancient creatures that looked like apes or monkeys.  Do you understand?”

Sarah acknowledged her dad’s explanation, but she thought: ”That’s not right, in Sunday school I was taught God made me.”  After dinner ended, dad was watching TV.  Sarah and her mother were cleaning up.  Sarah decided to ask her mother the same question she’d asked her dad; “Mom the kids at school were arguing about where all the people in the world came from.  Where did they all come from?”

Mom responded: ”About 6,000 years ago God created the Universe and everything in it in six days.  During the sixth day, he made two people named Adam and Eve that were made by God.  They received a mind, emotions and a will just like God.  They became the parents of all of the people in the world.”

Sarah looked puzzled and continued: “Mom I’m baffled.  I asked dad the same question today, and he told me we’re descended from monkeys.  Which way is it?”

“Well, Sarah, I understand why you’re confused, but I think I can solve this problem easily.  When you dad told you, people were descended from monkeys he was talking about his side of the family.  When I told you about Adam and Eve I was talking about my side of the family.”

Created Life? OR Evolving life?

Now that science has a good understanding of genetics and the complex functions in living systems I expect Evolutionists to claim soon that they can create life in the laboratory.

Evolutionists will say: “Now that we understand how life works, we believe we can create life in the laboratory from clay just like God claims He did.”  The Evolutionists go outside, dig clay from the ground and bring the clay into the laboratory.  “Now we will make life in the laboratory!”  They exclaim.

God’s voice booms: “Wait a minute.  That’s my clay. Make your own!”

The Evolutionists give up because they know you can’t get something from nothing.

Charlie is the author of three books and seven short stories published on Amazon, Kindle.

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