US Education’s Greatest Failure, EVOLUTION! After more than 50 years of monopoly in public education, Evolution is only believed by half the US population.

Evolutionists express great frustration and distress in the persistent results of polling about whether the US public believes in Creation or Evolution as the origin of humankind. Poll after poll, after poll, after poll all say the same thing. About half the US population believes in Evolution in all its different forms, and the other half believes in Creation in all of its forms. Although evolutionists have had a monopoly in education for more than 55 years and have pounded Evolution into students all that time the numbers, haven’t changed much since they started. In some recent polls, the results of this question have even gotten worse for Evolution. For example, in two 2014 Gallup polls the results were;

Poll 1: “Do you believe in ape to man evolution?” 34% believed in God assisted (Theistic) Evolution, 16% believed in Atheistic Evolution, 43% in some form of Creation and 7% have no opinion. So, 50% believed in Evolution, 43% in Creation and 7% didn’t care, OR to say it another way 77% believed God played some role in our existence and only 16% believed He did not! Atheistic Evolutionary educators have taught five generations of students, attending public schools, that God did not play a role in their creation, and only 16% believed them! By any standard that’s a very poor result.

Poll 2, in May 2014: “Do you think the Theory of Evolution is consistent or inconsistent with your religious beliefs?” Consistent 46%, Inconsistent 46%, No Opinion 7%. Half and half again!

Since, shortly after the end of World War II, the US public schools taught Evolution as the ONLY way to explain humankind’s origin. In 1959 the 100th anniversary of Darwin’s publication of “Origin of the Species” was celebrated when Evolution education was declared essential for the US to be successful in scientific achievement. After more than 55 years of intensive educational effort to promote Evolution half, the US population remains unconvinced its true. Can we conclude that convincing students Evolution is true is not just a matter of education? Yes, we can! Changing one’s view of the question of, where we came from, is one of the most profound questions we ask.  Education doesn’t easily change a person’s worldview and presuppositions.  It’s NOT simply knowledge that you are trying to change; it’s their faith in who they are, and people do NOT change that easily. Humanistic Evolution educators, wake up, your attempts to educate the US population out of their faith has been an utter failure.

After more than 55 years of a near monopoly in public education indoctrinating students into Evolution, why have they been so unsuccessful convincing students they came from apes? The reason is obvious! Evolution is illogical and easily recognized as false. Education can’t overcome something that is obviously not true. People just won’t believe it even when it’s the only thing taught.

Charlie is the author of three books and seven short stories published on Amazon, Kindle.

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