Atheistic Evolution is Impossible, 2) Abiogenesis, Life from DEAD stuff

Two views of how we got here are 1) Evolution, everything appeared very slowly during billions of years OR 2) Creation, God made everything in six days about 6,000 years ago. Which one is true? Both frameworks face the same obstacles. Three steps in either process require miraculous action because they violate known and proven scientific LAWS. Remember, Laws of science have NO exceptions. If they do, they can’t be a law, only a theory or a hypothesis. For Creation, this breaking of scientific laws requires no explanation because Creation is supernatural. God has the power to break laws, and they remain laws. WE call these events miracles and Jesus did many, walking on water, the Canna wine, raising Lazarus, calming the storm, healing many, etc.

My new book Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s Dead! Subtitled “Science Proves Atheistic Evolution is IMPOSSIBLE” can change many minds about the Evolution’s viability because Evolutionary development flagrantly violates three scientific laws, the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics and Biogenesis.   To break a scientific law, you need a miracle, and Atheistic Evolution cannot allow any because they reject the supernatural.  I call these three miracles: Magic, Frankenstein, and Uphill Molasses.  This week we’ll deal with the second, “Frankenstein,” the appearance of living organisms from dead stuff, which is a violation of the Law of Biogenesis.   Like Dr. Frankenstein in Mary Shelly’s novel, Evolution takes dead parts and assembles them into fully functioning living organisms by the process called Abiogenesis, which is the opposite of Biogenesis. This Law, attributed to Louis Pasteur, is the observation that living things come only from other living organisms of the same kind, either by simple cell division or sexual reproduction (e.g., a spider lays eggs, which develop into baby spiders). Life does not arise from non-living material, which was the position held by believers in Spontaneous Generation before Pasteur made his discoveries.

In five different Evolution sources, I found statements like: “The appearance of life from non-living material is called abiogenesis, and has occurred at least once in the history of the Earth, or in the history of the Universe (see Panspermia) when life first arose.’

Evolutionists accept Biogenesis as a natural LAW and immediately declare it broken at least once.  Since life on Earth exists it must be explained, so either we break Biogenesis by one exception or beg the question by claiming life came from somewhere else planted here by a process called Panspermia. Honest Evolutionists sould just say: “We don’t know where life came from or how it appeared from dead chemicals.” When Dr. Richard Dawkins was asked about the source of life on Earth he answered with the concept of Panspermia; “life was seeded here from somewhere else in the Universe.” Dawkins statement is not science it is a faith statement that begs the question. If Evolution is true, life had to appear sometime, somewhere from dead chemicals and that’s scientifically impossible based on the Law of Biogenesis! Life from dead stuff requires a miracle!  Next week, going uphill in a downhill Universe, Uphill Molasses!

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!  A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan.” which develops an evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness.  His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to more than 100 questions that skeptics use to try to stump Christians.  Both are available @  His third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!” is available now @

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3 thoughts on “Atheistic Evolution is Impossible, 2) Abiogenesis, Life from DEAD stuff

  1. Srila Prabhupada (1896 – 1977), the Vedic scholar, authored a book back in the late 1960s or early 1970s entitled Life Comes From Life. In it, he criticized those scientists that attempt to “create” life in the laboratory. It really is true, life comes from life. Life comes from the living God, the author of all life.


  2. Rick

    Life from dead stuff? LOL I don’t need to read even past your title to conclude that you don’t know what you are talking about. If there is dead stuff, then there already was living stuff. Do you even know what dead means?


    1. It’s all in definitions. You define dead stuff as having been once alive. I define it as having no life as in chemicals, all matter not alive, etc. I note your presuppositions make it impossible to consider my arguments. I once was an Atheist so I know how powerful those presuppostions are.


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