Noah’s Pre-Flood world and Flood time line. (Canopy Theory)

The flood started in 2348 BC or 1656 years after creation. This dating is from “The Wall Chart of World History” published by Barnes and Noble (ISBN: 0-88029-239-3).

Noah’s Flood Chronology

Bible               EVENT                                                                        Day Sequence

Gen 7:14       Flood Rainfall Begins                                             Day 1

Gen 7:12       Rain stops                                                                Day 40

Gen 7:24       The waters prevailed upon the earth a hundred and fifty days.

Gen 8:3          Water level begins to recede                                Day 150

Gen 8:5          Mountaintops exposed                                           Day 224

Gen 8:6          Raven sent out. Did not return                              Day 264

Gen 8:7          Dove sent out, returned.                                         Day 271

Gen 8:10       Dove sent out, back with an olive branch.          Day 278

Gen 8:12       Dove sent out, did not return.                                Day 285

Gen 8:13       Cover removed from Ark                                        Day 314

Gen 8:16       Noah leaves Ark                                                      Day 371


The flood was one year and six days, a year and a week without the day of rest.

Pre-Flood World

Disclaimer. The Canopy Theory is very controversial in creationist circles and the two best-known Creationist organizations, AIG and ICR, no longer support it. I’ve included it here because it explains two pre-flood conditions, 1) gigantism of living organisms and extreme longevity. We have fossils of huge creatures from the fossil record and very long lifespans recorded in the Bible. The increased atmospheric pressure (hyperbaric conditions) before the flood would explain both of these! Since all models of the pre-flood world are historic science, they are subject to change as more research is published and can never be absolute.

The world before Noah’s flood was very different. It was a lush garden, tropical from pole to pole. The “canopy” model places a water vapor layer above the Earth’s atmosphere. Scripture tells us God separated the “waters from the waters” on Creation day two and placed waters above the Earth and on its surface. Pre-flood there was no rain or clouds, and the weather was uniform from pole to pole because of the greenhouse effect of the canopy. The increased atmospheric pressure of a vapor layer of water above the Earth would have allowed a significant amount of condensation at the end of each night cycle. This very heavy dew along with the “mist” would have been adequate to water the ground, so there was no need for rain on the Earth. The weather report would have been the same every day “The high today will be about 75 and the low tonight will be about 60, there will be about 1 inch of water condensed on the ground overnight.”

This water above could compress the atmosphere and create both much larger creatures and greatly increased longevity. In laboratory conditions, bacterial lifespans are increased ten times by this increased pressure. We call these bariatric conditions. Our 70 to 90-year life span would increase to 700 to 900 years.

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