Mt. St Helens & Grand Tetons Evidence for a Young Earth

I did 2 hours of radio on “Iron Sharpens Iron” this week with Chris Arnzen, Buz Taylor and Dr. Tas Walker from CMI (Creation Ministries International – Our subject was Geology and a Young Earth. Although I mentioned these geological formations recently, based on the listener questions on ISI I wanted to cover them again. This week’s blog highlights two of the hundreds of examples in geology that point to a Young Earth.

Mt. St. Helen’s eruption is evidence for a Young Earth

When Mt. Saint Helens erupted in 1980 it produced two significant effects: 1) evidence for the rapid formation of geological features and 2) rapid erosion to form canyons.

1) Rapid Formation. Hundreds of feet of sediment were laid down in days that have the appearance of long ages of geologic time because of thousands of thin layers. In many geological texts, you’ll find each layer is counted as a yearly cycle, but here they were formed in days.

2) Rapid Erosion. A canyon formed in less than two days that is 1/40 the size of Grand Canyon and appears old. Other canyons formed in days include a river that did not cause it but is an artifact of its formation.

Fossil forests are forming in Spirit Lake that has a striking similarity in appearance to Specimen Ridge in Yellowstone Park. These events are powerful evidence that catastrophic events can occur in short periods of time rather than the traditional long geologic ages taught in colleges and universities.

The Grand Tetons are very young mountains.

If you go to Grand Teton National Park, the rangers will tell you that those mountains rose to their present position over a period of 20 million years. Over this 20 million years there is supposed to be about 20,000 feet of mountains eroded (1,000 feet per million years). When you hike in the Teton’s passes, you see many broken rocks but little sand or fine material that would indicate extended periods of erosion. The plain at the foot of these peaks contains many beautiful lakes that show a lot of exposed rock and shallow soil layers. There is no sign of the vast amount of material that should be there after 20 million years of erosion. These mountains appear to be young, not old.

Other examples are the Colorado River, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks & Grand Canyon.

Next time you go to a national park look around and ask the rangers questions based on the young earth model. For example: “Was the Grand Canyon caused by a lot of water and a little time instead of a lot of time and a little water?”

Next week I’ll start a series that deconstructs the Materialists argument that states: “All I can believe is what I can sense.”

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