Give Your Christian Testimony! Charlie Liebert’s Example!

I have been teaching personal evangelism to Christians for years. One of the most important parts of being able to witness to unbelievers is to “be able to give an answer for the hope that is in you.” To be effective prepare a short, five-minute, testimony to carry out your obligation to witness to the life-changing power of Jesus. My blog today is my five-minute testimony.

I grew up in a small town Amityville on Long Island, New York, with my two sisters. My parents took us to church almost every Sunday. In Sunday school, we learned many Bible stories, but I never remember hearing the Gospel. At sixteen years old, in church one Sunday, morning the pastor was droning on about the evil of drinking. I knew that most of the adults sitting around me had been at the Amityville Yacht Club season-opening the night before and had consumed a lot of beer, wine, and liquor. How foolish, I thought. These people don’t believe a word of what’s said! Hypocrites! I was very aware of the hypocrisy of church members, and from that moment I shut off anything the church had to say. Thus, I began my descent into Atheism. By the time I received by BS degree in 1966, I was a hardcore Atheist.

In 1967 I married, Theresa Lee Perrone. We had two children, Keith and Melanie, and in 1973 our family came to Greensboro, North Carolina. Since we left our families in New York and New Jersey, Sundays became a long day. Terry met some neighbors decided to attend an Episcopal church, leaving me home with the children. After several weeks, I also decided to go to that church because; managing two young children at home was difficult for me.

My new life in Greensboro was falling apart quickly. My marriage was faltering, I had a drinking problem, a pornography addiction, and worked for a man I hated. The church we attended held a weekend retreat in Asheville, North Carolina, in 1977, and both Terry and I felt it would be good for me to get away for that short time. As the weekend progressed, I was confronted with the Gospel. Was I a lost sinner? That was very clear to me by the way my life was going, but what could I do about it? Nothing myself, but it became apparent that my sin debt was paid by Jesus’ death on the cross. He could give me new life! Wow! Everything changed. I came back to Greensboro a new person. Terry was converted three months later, and Christ would begin to heal our marriage, change my behavior, and give me a new worldview. Atheism was trashed for a relationship with the living God. The changes in my life were so dramatic my fellow workers joked about the old Charlie vs. the new Charlie. I would describe myself today as “a lost sinner saved by grace.” From a hard-core Atheist, I “evolved” into a Bible believing Christian.

Now, prepare yours and practice it with your believing friends.

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! A Former Atheist’s Personal Christian Evangelism Plan.” which develops an evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness. His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to more than 100 questions skeptics use to try to stump Christians. Both are at His third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!” is currently in the final editing process and will be published later this year. See for a preview.

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