The Origin of Language Stumps Evolution. Author Tom Wolfe in “The Kingdom of Speech.”

Many of my BLOGs have dealt with the impossibility of Evolution and the credibility of Biblical Creation (In six days, 6,000 years ago) in the area of science, but answering the question of where we came from is more than a just a scientific one. It encompasses all the nature of humankind because we’re made in God’s image. This week I’m deviating from my normal blog to review a book. In The Kingdom of Speech, author Tom Wolfe makes a compelling case against Evolution based on the origin of human language.   In the early pages, Wolfe makes the point that ALL attempts to explain how language could evolve have failed. In a 2016 article, eight of the world’s most prominent Evolutionists conceded total defeat. In his, closing Wolfe states “To say that animals evolved into man is like saying that Carrara marble evolved into Michelangelo’s David.”

Back cover: “Language in all its forms advanced man far beyond the boundaries of natural selection, allowing him to think abstractly and plan ahead (no animal was capable of it); measure things and record measurements for later (no animal was capable of it); comprehend space and time, God, freedom, and immortality; and remove items from Nature to create artifacts, whether axes or algebra. No animal could even begin to do any such thing. Darwin’s doctrine of natural selection couldn’t deal with artifacts, which were by definition unnatural, or with the mother of all artifacts, which was the Word. The inexplicable power of the Word—speech, language—was driving him crazy.” —from The Kingdom of Speech

Background: First there was the word. Or was there? Before Tom Wolfe was a bestselling novelist, he was a groundbreaking journalist. Now the maestro storyteller turns his attention to the mystery behind the creation of his own most important tool: language. In The Kingdom of Speech, Wolfe makes the captivating, paradigm-shifting argument that speech — not evolution—is responsible for humanity’s complex societies and achievements. From Alfred Russell Wallace, the self-taught Englishman who beat Charles Darwin to the theory of natural selection but later renounced it for its inability to explain human speech, to the Neo-Darwinists, who for years argued that there is a language “organ” in the human brain, Wolfe examines how science has repeatedly tried and failed to account for man’s gift of gab. Flash forward to the present day and the controversial work of another outsider, anthropologist Daniel Everett. After thirty years of studying a tribe isolated deep in the jungles of the Amazon, Everett revealed a people whose prehistoric level of speech had led to a society without religion, ceremonies, hierarchies, marriage, or ornaments, and without the ability to plan ahead or to consider a past beyond personal lifetimes, thus defying the current wisdom that language is hardwired in humans. With trenchant wit and uproarious humor, Wolfe cracks open the secretive, solemn, long-faced, laugh-out-loud zigzags of Darwinism, both old and neo-, and he shows the endless importance of the courageous outsider in overturning our most cherished ideas about ourselves. Provocative and fast-paced, Wolfe’s latest tour de force will have everyone talking.

I highly recommend ALL who have an interest in the question of origins read this book. Evolution is FALSIFIED by human language.

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