Radioactive dating does NOT prove Evolution.

One of the most common claims proponents of Evolution make is that radiometric dating shows an Earth that is billions of years old. Science can’t prove past events! If they could, we would not need juries in criminal trials. The evidence alone would be sufficient. It NEVER is. Fallible human beings with particular worldviews must interpret the evidence presented to the jury. For example, an Atheist could never accept Creation because it implies God and that conflicts with all he believes. Radioactive dating methods make unprovable assumptions about the past. Also, C14 dating can only go back 50,000 years, so it is no help for billions of years old Earth.

What are the assumptions of Radioactive Dating?

Radioactive dating, in general, depends on three major assumptions:

  1. 1) When the rock forms (hardens) there should only be radioactive parent atoms in the rock and no daughter radiogenic element (derived by radioactive decay) atoms.
  2. 2) After hardening, the rock must remain a closed system, that is, no parent or daughter atoms can be added or removed from the rock by external influences such as percolating ground water; and
  3. 3) the radioactive decay rate must remain constant for the period measured.

These assumptions have been proven inconsistent and sometimes untrue in many cases. The RATE study published by ICR is an excellent resource to enumerate these inconsistencies. If any of the three assumptions is false, then the method fails, and ‘dates’ will be wrong. For example; leaching in the rocks, varying isotope ratios, etc. show the methods at best are unreliable. Dr. Steve Austin at ICR tested rocks from the bottom and top of Grand Canyon. Three of the four methods revealed that the bottom rocks were younger than the upper rocks an IMPOSSIBLE conclusion. Radiological tests date rocks that were liquid and have turned solid. BTW these rocks never contain fossils. The fossil-bearing rock is sedimentary (laid down underwater in Noah’s flood). Evolutionists consistently disregard radiometric dates that conflict with their time scheme. If a particular dating measurement doesn’t support Evolution, it’s thrown away.

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Doesn’t Carbon Dating Prove the Earth is old?

Carbon Dating is a radiological dating method often cited to “prove” Evolution. It does not because:

1) As a method, it can only extend to 50,000 years not millions of years,

2) C14 can only date tissue, not fossils (stone impressions of bones). When you find, and we have, real dinosaur bones containing viable tissue, it is a testimony to Creation because biological tissue won’t last millions of years.

3) Carbon 14 is not in balance in the atmosphere indicating a young one, not an old one.

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