Geology demonstrates the Young Earth: Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons & Mt.St.Helens

How long ago were the Grand Tetons in Wyoming formed??

If you go to Grand Teton National Park, the rangers will tell you that those mountains rose to their present position over a period of 20 million years. Over this 20 million years there is supposed to be about 20,000 feet of mountains eroded (1,000 feet per million years). When you hike in the Teton’s passes, you see many broken rocks but little sand or fine material that would indicate extended periods of erosion. The plain at the foot of these peaks contain many beautiful lakes that show a lot of exposed rock and shallow soil layers. There is no sign of the vast amount of material that should be there after 20 million years of erosion. These mountains appear to be young, not old.

How was the Grand Canyon formed, the “missing rivers”??

When I visited the North Rim of Grand Canyon, I heard the Park Rangers tell a tall tale about how the canyon was formed. The problem that they face is; the rim of the canyon is over 1000 feet above the level of the Colorado River upstream in southern Utah. The river would have to run UPHILL to cut the canyon. To overcome this, they fabricated a series of rivers that no longer exist and disappeared without a trace. The ranger admitted that this explanation is hard to justify but is the best evolutionary geologists can do. The Creationist explanation is that a massive amount of water was trapped during Noah’s flood and was released in southern Utah. That flow cut the Grand Canyon in a very short amount of time, days or weeks. At the eruption of MT. St. Helens in 1980 we saw this same effect where a canyon 1/40th the size of Grand Canyon was eroded in less than 48 hours. The creation model is far more feasible than the missing rivers scenario.

How did the eruption of Mt. St. Helens show the viability of Creation?

The two results of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens that showed rapid process could look as if they took long periods of time were:

1) Deposition of hundreds of feet of strata in days that had very fine layers in them that most evolutionists would count as one year each for each layer, and

2) Rapid erosion of canyons that have an appearance of age but formed in days.

Next time you go to a national park look around and ask the rangers questions based on the young earth model. For example: “Was the Grand Canyon caused by a lot of water and a little time instead of a lot of time and a little water?” There are credible Creationist explanations for the geological features on the Earth that in many cases make more sense than the Evolutionary ones.

Different people, in good faith, can look at the same fact and interpret it differently. But that’s where an interesting conversation begins. Eric Schlosser
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2 thoughts on “Geology demonstrates the Young Earth: Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons & Mt.St.Helens

  1. “These mountains appear to be young, not old.” There are problems with your analysis. The Rockies are continuing being uplifted. The geological processes are not static but dynamic and continue to this day. Thus, even with erosion, the mountains remain.

    As well, the Colorado River has been at about the same elevation for millions of years. The river cut the canyons of the southwest as the canyon walls rose around it. How? By eroding the river bed at approximately the same rate that it was being uplifted from pressure below. The river did not cut down, but rather stayed where it was as the canyon walls were upthrust over time.


  2. My points on both the Tetons and GC are not their height. The question is where is the huge amounts of material that’s been eroded in millions of years. At the Tetons there is no signs of the significant amounts of material at the base of the mountians. There should be hundreds of feet at their base and there is little. At Grand Canyon its estimated more than 5 TRILLION cubic yards of materila has been removed. If this were a slow process then the Colorado River delta should be huge. It is NOT. The material was swept away by rapid processes after the flood not downstream of the river.


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