Creation’s Young Earth and an “Old Looking” Universe

There are at least three explanations that Creationists have used to explain how this Universe that looks millions or billions of years old can be only 6,000 years young: 1) Young Earth Cosmology, 2) Creation Fully Formed and 3) Decreasing Light Speed.

1) Young Earth Cosmology. The newest one developed by Dr. Russ Humphreys is the most satisfactory. He proposes using Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and changing the assumptions from the “Big Bang” model to derive a young universe. The foundation of “Big Bang” cosmology is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. To get the equations of the theory to work for a Big Bang a series of assumptions (parameters) have to be accepted. These are; the Universe contains no boundaries, size is infinite, it has no edge, it has no center of mass, it has a uniform distribution of matter, and there is no net gravity effect. These assumptions are in direct contradiction to the observations we make in the Universe. For example, it is VERY lumpy and does NOT have a uniform distribution of mass. When you set the parameters in Einstein’s theory to conform to Humphries model you will get an expanding Universe that looks old but is young. This Young Earth Cosmology is described in the book “Starlight and Time” by Dr. Russ Humphries. The other two are decreasing the speed of light and Creation with an appearance of age.

2) Creation Fully Formed. A second explanation is that God made the creation fully functioning, and the light from long distances was put in place at the moment of creation. Everything is complete from the very start.

3) Decreasing Light Speed. Finally, the third is that when God created light on day one, the speed of light was almost infinite but has slowed to the current speed today. If this is true then using light speed to measure distance is not feasible.

Incidentally, 90% of the mass needed for the Big Bang model is missing. Astronomers call it cold, dark matter; can’t see it, can’t find it but it MUST be there if the Big Bang is real, incredible faith, but poor science.

4) Is Time Eternal?

God existed in eternity without space/matter/time. The first verse of Genesis indicates the first thing God did was start time. “In the beginning,” time starts first, and then God creates the physical Universe. In eternity, there was nothing but God. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity indicates time had a beginning. Time is NOT ETERNAL; it has a beginning and will have an end.

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