Relativistic education without absolutes is fatal to learning.

“Humanist Manifesto II,” promoted by John Dewey, is the foundation for US public education. Children in public schools are taught every subject based on Humanist presuppositions. Here are two examples where language/reading and mathematics remove absolutes and put relativism in its place.:

1) Using phonics to teach language starts with the absolutes—letters and sounds—and progresses to the relative—words and sentence formation. The look/say method begins with the relative and does not build a foundation of letters, so reading skills never fully develop. Look/say readers are frequently poorer readers than those taught by phonics. The absolute has to come before the relative because that’s how God designed it. As a child develops speech, he or she starts with sounds. Listening to a baby test his or her vocals is always interesting. We don’t expect them to begin with words. Word and sentence formation come after the sound development of the letters.

2) In mathematics, particularly Common Core, problem-solving methods are taught with little or no time spent on the mechanics of numbers. The absolutes in math are the numbers and their relationships: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Common Core starts with the relative and never teaches the absolutes of the basics of number structure. If you were born before the middle of the twentieth century, you probably remember memorizing the multiplication tables which, along with addition and subtraction, are the absolutes that build the math system all the way to calculus. Without the foundation of numbers and how they function, the mind won’t ever “get it.” Math becomes a mystery instead of a problem-solving tool. As a parent, look at the Common Core math-teaching materials: number lines, unnecessarily complicated calculations, etc. I could go on with more issues in science, history, and other subjects, but these two examples are enough to illustrate the point that learning and knowledge are always built on a foundation of absolutes.

There are many Christian teachers in public schools that base their teaching on Christian principles, but the “official” line is Humanism. In the 1970s I taught summer sessions on Biblical Creation at the NC Governor’s School, which is a summer program for top rising High School seniors, whose purpose is to “provoke critical thinking in students.” In year 4, I took a poll asking students: “Who believes in some form of Creation?” and about half raised their hands. This opportunity ended abruptly when several humanist teachers in the room saw half the hands go up for Creation. My contact person, a Christian, later told me the ones that ran the program were very upset because I had so many convincing arguments for Creation and against Evolution. It was evident to me that in public schools you could only teach according to humanist presuppositions, so much for the First Amendment in education. Presenting only one side of any axiom, like Evolution destroys critical thinking in students and makes “political correctness” the result. They become advocates for Evolution, without any reason or foundation for their beliefs.

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