MY Christian Dialogue with a Humanist, & an Atheist

“Humanist Manifesto III” statements necessary for Christians to know.

Atheistic: “No deity will save us; we must save ourselves.”

Evolution only: “Rather, science affirms that the human species is an emergence from natural evolutionary forces.”

These doctrines made for an interesting dialogue I recently had with a Humanist:

Christian (me): “We are on opposite sides of the question of whether there is a God. I believe there is, and you don’t. On the question of origins, you affirm the only possibility is Atheistic Evolution.”

Humanist: “That is correct.”

C: “As a Christian, I believe in a six-day literal creation. There are, however, other Christians who believe in an old Earth and some who even believe in theistic evolution. I would say they are wrong in their theology, but I won’t declare they’re not Christians. The only model of the past that Christians exclude from the possibilities is Atheistic Evolution because we believe there is a God.

H: “So what’s your point?”

C: “Christians have at least three different ways to explain the origin of life on earth: Young Earth Creation, Old Earth Creation, and God Assisted Theistic Evolution. You are limited to only one: Atheistic Evolution. That makes Christians much more varied and open-minded than Atheists. We have three; you have only one! Are we three times more open-minded than you are?

H: At this point, many Humanists explode in anger because they reckon us narrow-minded and themselves broad, free, and open-minded. You have just shown them how narrow they are, and they won’t like it.


Here’s a recent conversation I had with an Atheist.

Charlie: “Are there moral absolutes in the universe like the Ten Commandments?”

Atheist: “Of course not. All moral judgments are dependent on society’s conditions.”

Charlie: “Is there a God?”

Atheist: “No! I say that with certainty, absolutely not!”

Charlie: “So when it comes to morality, there are no absolutes, but you make the absolute statement ‘There is no God.’ You can’t have it both ways: absolute and relative. Atheism is a contradiction in the highest order. If you are going to be consistent with your logic, the best an Atheist can be is Agnostic! Atheism itself is a logical contradiction! Decide, relative or absolute!”

Wow. That often gets a strong reaction, usually with some anger. The logical flaw in the Atheist worldview has been found out, and they don’t like it. There is no way to explain or justify this flaw, so their only recourse is anger to create a smoke screen.

Here are some questions I ask Atheists to provoke them to think about their worldview.

  • If there is no God, then why does it matter to you if anyone believes in Jesus?
  • Why does my belief in Jesus distress you so much?
  • Don’t I have freedom to believe what I want to?
  • Why does it make you angry I believe in God?
  • If he doesn’t exist, why does it matter to you?
  • If there is no God what’s your point contending with me?

Charlie is the author of “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! A Former Atheist’s Christian Evangelism Plan.” which develops an evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel every time you witness. His second book ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.” contains answers to more than 100 questions skeptics use to try to stump Christians. The third book, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!” is currently in the final editing process and will be published later this year.

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One thought on “MY Christian Dialogue with a Humanist, & an Atheist

  1. Atheists, who often trumpet how open minded they are, appear to be very rigid in their thinking and be possessed of a very narrow comfort zone as to their thinking.


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