Christian, can you answer? “I only have faith in what I can sense.” Part 2

Christians can counter materialistic beliefs by three separate approaches: 1) immaterial opposites, 2) historical narratives and 3) absolute scientific laws. Answers here are given as dialogues to make them simple to understand and easy to implement. This week we tackle the second and third.

Historical Narratives

Me: “Do you believe George Washington was a real person? Did you ever see him? You only have the testimony of books written by other men.”

I: “Of course.”

Me: “Do you believe there was a Roman Empire? Do you believe two world wars occurred in the twentieth century?” (You can use as many examples as you can think of, just don’t use events that happened during the person’s lifetime.)

I: “Yes.”

Me: “You only know about past events that you didn’t witness through the testimony of others. So, you trust in something you did not see. Do you concede you believe history through the testimony of others?

I: “OK.”

Me: “Then let me tell you some history. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the most documented events of all time. If the stories about Jesus were not true, we would know because men and women don’t sacrifice their lives for a lie. Besides the actual testimony, we have two-thousand-plus years of history to affirm Jesus’ saving power.”

Absolute Scientific Laws

Me: “Do you believe in gravity, the laws of aerodynamics, or thermodynamics?”

I: “Yes.”

Me: Do these laws change?

I: I don’t know.

Me: “Have you ever seen them change or know of any time or place they did?”

I: “No.”

Me: “Then we can accept they don’t change and are absolute. The universe has some scientific laws that don’t change.”

I: “But there may be a place in the universe where they do change.”

Me: “That’s an argument from silence and is faulty logic. You are begging the question!”

I: “Okay, there are laws about the physical universe that don’t change.”

Me: There are also rules of morality that don’t change, as we saw above when we talked about justice. Your belief that everything is relative is false. There are absolutes in both the physical world and in morality.


We started off with statements like, “I only believe in what I can see.” “Faith is for fools!” “The only reality is the material world.” “There is no supernatural!” “Everything is relative; there are no absolutes!” But you’ve conceded believing in things you can’t sense, you accept the testimony of others about events you did not experience, and the universe contains absolutes that are always true, which you deny. You view of reality has been falsified. What you believe about the world isn’t true! None of the things you said you believe is true. You have a worldview that is inconsistent, illogical, and false. I tell you with confidence; you need to find real answers to your view of reality. My Christian worldview is real, demonstrable, and absolute!

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