Evolution Wastes Valuable Resources That Could Be Working to Cure Diseases


Since Evolution’s not true spending any millions of dollars on Evolution promotion and research every year is a complete waste including time, money, scientific talent, precious laboratory space, and many others resources. If these resources were used for research that is beneficial to humankind, we would advance faster in things like curing disease and wipe out human suffering in many ways. All these resources spent on promotion of Evolution and research has NO benefit to humankind. To illustrate this terrible waste, I’ll give two examples: The National Science Foundation Website and GoLife Studies.

First, The National Science Foundation, funded by US tax dollars, maintains an interactive website titled: Evolution of Evolution -150 Years of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species.” This site is very slick and sophisticated. Besides promoting Darwin himself, it covers the scientific areas of Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Geosciences, and Polar Sciences. This site is periodically updated with new material. It is especially attractive to computer literate youth and is pure Evolution indoctrination. They mix real operational science with Evolutionary conclusions to show they are related and MUST be accepted together which is pure propaganda and has no basis in real science. This website approach can be very convincing to a young student or a person with little understanding of science. The site is tax-funded indoctrination of a scientific model of the past that only half the US population supports. It is a complete waste!

My second example is a series of government-financed projects that have no redeeming value. They contribute NOTHING to the growth of useful scientific knowledge to improve humankind. The NSF funds these studies under the umbrella of Genealogy of Life Program “GoLife Studies.” They are designed solely to develop the Evolutionary “Tree of Life.” The Evolutionary Tree of Like does NOT exist and research to assemble it has no scientific value. Here is a sample list of some of these projects.

Assembling the Annelid (worms) Tree of Life

Assembling the Echinoderm (plants) Tree of Life (4 projects)

Assembling the Green Algal (water algae) Tree of Life (3 projects)

Automated and community-driven synthesis of the tree of life (2 projects)

Assembling the Phylogeny of the Monocots (plants)

Assembling the Pleurocarp (moss) Tree of Life

The Porifera (sponges) Tree of Life

The Zygomycetes (fungus) Genealogy of Life – The conundrum of Kingdom Fungi

Untangling the Deep Genealogy of Microbial Dark Matter

I didn’t find any projects that relate to anything that could potentially help humans. The work classifies into the “Tree of Life” things like moss, worms, algae, fungus, sharks, sponges, etc. In 2014 this program had 72 open projects at the cost of slightly more than $47 million. In the last paragraph of their project summary, they state their intention to indoctrinate students as part of the research! Here, the government is financing research with no value.

These are just two examples of many resources wasted on promotion or research that could be used for work much more beneficial to humankind. It’s not just the cost and lost assets; there is also a significant amount of intellectual talent wasted too.

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