Did God create in six days, actually, six regular days?

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

At my Creation seminars, during the Q&A session, I am often asked if it is necessary to believe in six literal days of creation to be a Christian? Rather than being dogmatic I answer. “If you believe the Bible is true then you must subordinate all other of information sources to second place. So, if science seems to contradict Scripture then it must be science that is wrong.” WOW, that often gets some pretty powerful reactions. Then I say: “Since no man was present at the beginning of Creation we can only guess what happened, but since God was there and told us what happened we should believe God, not men.” Some people still want to equivocate so then I say: “Let’s go to Genesis and see what it says: In Genesis chapter 1 the Scriptures teach that God created the universe and everything in it in six days. The language in Genesis, the sequence of events, and the findings of modern science all confirm the Earth is young, about 6,000 years, and these six days are one full Earth rotation each just like our days today.”

It is essential for Christians to accept a six 24-hour day Creation not because of science but because of the theological implications of the other Christian compromise understandings. It is the Bible and not science on which our knowledge must rest. Compromises like the gap theory, day ages or ruin/restoration suffer from a fatal theological flaw – physical death in Creation before Adam’s sin. At the end of each day God says his creative process is good and at the end of day six, He says; “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” (Genesis 1:31) God said: “EVERYTHING was VERY GOOD.” In the original language, this means Creation is both complete and perfect. If any of the above compromises are true, then death is present before sin appears in Genesis chapter 3 and therefore, at the end of day six, God declared physical death to be very good. By implication the new Creation, which is the original creation restored, described by the prophets and the book of Revelation will then contain physical death. The Scriptures clearly teach that redemption includes the elimination of all death from the New Heavens and Earth. A perfect world restored!!! You cannot have death before sin and be consistent with the Bible. Yes God did it in six regular days. Christians who don’t want to believe it will fabricate all kinds of arguments to avoid this obvious conclusion. God has redeemed us from DEATH and death will be cast into the lake of fire!!! Death will be dead forever. I know this blog contains some pretty strong statements, but Jesus made strong statements when asked questions that challenged God’s Word, and often went back to Genesis for answers. So must we!

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