Science’s Entropy Destroys Evolution. Evolution is like water going up Niagara Falls.

My beautiful picture
Evolution is like water going up Niagara Falls

Evolutionists define Evolution as an upward progressing process that adds complexity as time passes. That process direction contradicts ALL we know about how the Universe operates because it is running down into decay not upward into improvement. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that “when energy in a system changes, if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state.” Said simply, everything in the Universe is running down and decreasing in complexity. Every time some work is done a small amount of energy is lost and is

My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture

e run down to a lower level of complexity. A wound up watch will run until the energy stored in the spring is converted into the motion of the hands. Once the energy’s depleted, you must rewind it. It cannot rewind itself! In living organisms, the potential energy locked in carbohydrates is converted into kinetic energy to run the body to maintain body heat, life and provide motion. For an organism to continue living it must continually get energy from food. In the process of any energy transfer, some energy will dissipate as lost heat. Your body is burning at 98.6 F, and it is continually losing heat to the environment, and that heat is not recoverable. If this law were not valid, perpetual motion machines would be possible. They are NOT. Entropy is also the measure of disorder: cells in the body are NOT disordered, and so they have low entropy. The flow of energy from food maintains life. Entropy wins when organisms cease to process energy and die. At that point biology stops and chemistry begins. As soon as a living thing dies, it begins to decompose and return to the Earth. God spoke to Adam in Genesis 3:19 about what would happen when he died: “you return to the ground; for out of it you were taken: for dust you are, and to dust you shall return.” In this fallen world, biology is always eventually overcome by chemistry. Nothing material that is contaminated by sin lives forever.

Adding Energy With or Without Machines

Evolutionists also claim that adding energy to a system can reverse entropy, and the system will then increase in complexity. That’s simply NOT TRUE! The input of raw energy by itself destroys it does not increase order. To increase order, you must have a machine to convert the raw energy into something useful. Machines may increase order, but some of the energy they receive is lost so entropy still ultimately wins. For example, the sun shining down on the Earth does nothing by itself to increase order, but when it hits the leaves of a plant, Photosynthesis converts that energy into useful food. So, adding energy by itself will not reverse entropy, but adding it to a machine process can reverse entropy temporarily. Now comes Evolution’s problem: machines do NOT self-organize, but require intelligent design. So adding energy by itself doesn’t help Evolution. Machines are needed for energy to increase complexity and Evolution can’t make machines because it has no intelligence. Evolution is stumped again. Raw energy, by itself, can’t produce increased order.

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