Dinosaurs and Men were together in History!


The two most common questions asked at my workshops and seminars are: “Where do the dinosaurs fit in the Biblical calendar?” and “Is there any evidence that men encountered dinosaurs?” Even many Christians are misled by this evolutionary propaganda that dinosaurs are extinct for 65 million years. Dinosaurs were created on day six with all the other land animals and lived at peace in Eden. All creatures ate fruits and vegetables. Not until some time after the fall and definitely after the flood do animals begin to kill and eat each other to survive. The dinosaurs survived well before the flood in the lush garden paradise, and they grew gigantic because reptiles continue to grow as long as food is available. The 100-year-old alligator is awesome!

We have fossils of other enormous creatures from the pre-flood world (dragonflies with a 3-foot wingspread, 12-inch cockroaches, 6-foot tall rabbits, giant sloth’s, etc.). When God told Noah about the coming flood, he told Noah to take two of each “kind” of land-dwelling, air-breathing animal on the ark, including each “kind” of dinosaurs. But weren’t they too big? Dinosaurs hatch from eggs, and the largest dinosaur eggs are about the size of a football. So even the giant T-Rex was once the size of a small dog soon after it hatched. Each “kind” would represent great variety. For example, a pair of dogs would serve the whole dog kind including wolves, coyotes, dingoes, etc. Not two Great Danes, two Poodles, two Daschund, two Timber Wolves, two Chihuahua, two whatever…

When Noah’s flood was over, the earth changed radically. The lush vegetation was gone, the climate was more severe and predatory behavior, animals killing other animals for food, became dominant. The dinosaurs became extinct because of these new conditions.

In the Bible Science Newsletter, a publication that ceased in the 1990s, there was an article documenting human contact with dinosaurs in 13th and 14th century Europe. Many civilizations have legends of “Dragons” that sound like dinosaurs. In the American west, the native peoples have a legend of a creature called the Thunderbird. Until the 1950’s most anthropologists studying Native Americans scoffed at this legend. There were even some reports of cowboys in the early 1800s seeing this creature. In the mid-1950’s fossils were found of a flying reptile, now named Quetzalcoatlus that could be the legendary Thunderbird.

There is an animal living in central Africa called Mokele Mbembe whose description, by the native peoples, sounds like a dinosaur. I asked an evolutionist recently: “If we found a living dinosaur, wouldn’t evolution be falsified?” He said: “Of course not we would just have another living fossil.” Evolutionists will never admit to their theory being in trouble because they have nowhere else to go. Living fossil, incidentally, is an oxymoron. Fossils are by definition stone pictures of dead creatures.

The dinosaurs were created at the same time as Adam, lived in the garden, many died in Noah’s flood, and those that came off the Ark became extinct quickly because of the post-flood weather conditions.

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