Can Evolutionary Science or Revelation tell us past events?

Evolutionary science purports to tell us what happened in the past, even millions of years ago. Can we know past events by science?   Is there another way? We have an eyewitness in God and by His revelation, in the Bible, we have a better way to know the past?

Science can answer most of the parts of the six “W”s: Who, What, Where, Why, How, and When. In most cases, it cannot answer the “why” question. For “when,” science answers questions about the present and can predict, with uncertainty, the future. The past, however, can be reconstructed only by making tenuous assumptions. Since science is limited to the material world, there are also many non-material questions science can’t answer. “Is there a God?” “Do I have a soul?” “Can I have everlasting life?” Science can NEVER answer with certainty “What happened yesterday, last year, one thousand, one million years ago?”

Revelation is another way to know the past. A perfect observer, God, was present through all of history and tells us exactly what we need to know about the past in the Bible. Revelation is God revealing past events to us directly in Scripture. How reliable is that record? One only need to study archeology and fulfilled prophecy to see it is 100% reliable. If this is an issue you have questions about, I suggest Josh McDowell’s books Evidence that Demands a Verdict and More Evidence that Demands a Verdict, or the later volume titled The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict.

For example: Before 1948 Bible critics taught that the book of Isaiah was written after the events it predicted had happened. It could not be written before the events because a human person would not possibly predict the minute details given by the prophet. Because these critics did not believe in the infallibility of Scripture, they concluded the prophet must have seen the events happen and then written them down. In their minds, the descriptions of events were just too specific to be written before the events took place. In 1948 the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in a cave in Israel. The scrolls were dated before the prophesied events took place and contained the whole book Isaiah, including the contested portions. The critics were shown to be wrong, and the veracity of Scripture is sustained. Science failed, revelation won!

Science can tell us:

  • What, where, who, how, when (present and future only, not past), why (rarely)
  • Nature of things
  • Natural law

Revelation can tell us:

  • What, where who, how, when (the past, present, and future), why
  • Nature of things
  • Natural law
  • Origin of all things, Universe, Earth, humanity, evil, etc.
  • Humankind’s purpose and destiny

Revelation, tells us past events with certainty and is a superior way to obtain knowledge. Past events can be reliably known by revelation, but not by science. Science can only guess about the past. Therefore: when the Bible and science come into conflict, it is the Scripture that always has priority.

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