Youth Christian Apologetics Conference, Can you give reasons for your hope in Jesus? Saturday, July 30th, Kinnett Memorial Baptist Church, Burlington, NC.

Research by Answers in Genesis shows many students abandon their faith when they leave home to got to work or attend college. When asked, the most common reason they give is a lack of a strong foundation knowing why Christianity is true. Many confess later; they had a lot of questions when they lived at home but no adults could or would answer them. This conference is designed to help youth and adults realize that there are credible answers to their questions and doubts about Christianity.

Charlie Liebert became a Christian at 35 converted from hardcore Atheism, so he understands Non-Christian worldviews very well. For more than 30 years, he has been answering questions about the faith in workshops, seminars and on his web page As he grew in his walk with Jesus he observed most of the believers he knew did not witness for Christ. What stopped them? Most were afraid they could not answer the hard questions their unbelieving family, friends and acquaintances asked them. There had to be a solution! In Scripture, he saw what Jesus did. He often did not answer questions but responded with another question to force those who asked to think about their motives and presuppositions. Here is a strategy anyone can use to overcome this fear and bring the Gospel to those they encounter. This fear is one of the greatest barriers to individual Christians bearing witness to Christ’s life-changing power, but this problem can be solved be in two steps. First, develop your personal Christian evangelism strategy that gets to the Gospel by asking questions rather than answering their questions. That’s my first book: Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! Second, be prepared to provide direct, simple answers to the world’s questions. That’s book two: ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You”, that answers more than 100 questions.

Charlie has conducted more than 20 of these dialogues for homeschool groups, churches, and Christian schools. We’ll start with a short role-play to demonstrate that a believer needs to “be able to give an answer…” to the questions the world will ask. Then I’ll ask a series questions that will stimulate more questions from them. In my experience, once the youth gets started, it will develop rapidly. When they realize there are credible answers to their questions, the hard ones start to come up. In a session I held at a church near Atlanta on a Saturday evening, we were scheduled to stop at 9:30 PM. The parents made us quit at 11:30 PM with strenuous objections from most of the students. Many said; “We’re not finished asking questions yet!”. We continued the next day after worship for two more hours. They wanted answers to their questions and were excited when they received ones that were credible, and they could understand.

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