YOU believe in Evolution by FAITH NOT FACTS!

Ever since Darwin wrote the “Origin of Species” in 1859 evolutionists have told the world that evolution was too slow to see since it took millions and millions of years. Now some of them, like the late Stephen J. Gould at Harvard, recognized the lack of transitional forms, well documented in the fossil record, creates a big problem for Evolution. Also, the mechanism of genetic mutation has failed to produce improvements needed to make evolution move forward. So they invented “punctuated equilibrium,” sudden rapid changes in genetic coding followed by long periods of stability. Now, they say, evolution is too fast to see. In either case, fast or slow, it’s NOT SEEN. Evolution not seen is an article of faith NOT science. Evolution or Creation are faith beliefs about the past that cannot be proven by science. Either God CREATED or everything came from nothing with the help of nobody. Which faith do you have?

In Earth magazine Nile’s Eldredge of the American Museum of Natural History published an article entitled What Drives Evolution. If you read carefully, you soon realize he admits that evolution has no working mechanism that all evolutionists accept. In fact, the geneticists and the paleontologists disagree completely. Some Geneticists now recognize that evolution can’t work by slow, gradual changes as Darwin proposed. The paleontologists continue to look for missing links that don’t exist. Therefore, Eldredge concludes evolution must happen in quick spurts followed by long periods of little change. He called this jerky Evolution “punctuated equilibrium.”  Author’s note: the term is an oxymoron! How can you punctuate something in equilibrium?

All evolutionists have great faith in Evolution because they can’t see it, can’t describe it, can’t find it, but know it must be there. You find many of them saying, “Evolution is a fact.” In some of my contacts with Evolutionists on college campuses they’ve told me they tell their students said: “…to shut up and believe it.” Toward the end of the article Eldridge states his FAITH in evolution: “I believe that this idea (punctuated equilibrium) will ultimately enable geneticists and paleontologists to agree on the form and content of that single evolutionary theory – a theory that must exist simply because life, in all its complexities and scales, from molecules to ecosystems, has had one single, integrated evolutionary history.” Eldredge let his theology, Atheism, dictate his science. He concludes, there cannot be a God that created; therefore, evolution MUST be TRUE. Evolution requires more faith to believe than Creation. Creation and the Bible are rooted in real, documented past events, not some unproven idea about history. Creationists are often called to account when letting their theology dictate their science but Eldredge must consider himself exempt because his faith, Atheism, dictates his science. Today only about half the US population believes in Evolution even though it’s been taught in our public education system as the only alternative to explain how we got here for more than 100 years. The Scopes “Monkey Trial” was in 1912.

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