Evolution is fraud, NOT fact or theory!

No one can prove either Creation or Evolution because the evidence we have is in the present and has to be interpreted to explain the past, so neither can be proven. You can, however, look at the evidence and see how it fits into either of these frameworks. In the strict sense, neither model is scientific because science requires REPEATABLE experiments in the PRESENT.

Evolutionists, particularly in Universities are declaring louder, and louder “Evolution is a fact!” Many of the textbooks used in public schools teach, “Evolution is a fact!” From Webster’s Dictionary, a fact is: “1. A thing is known to be true, a thing known to have happened. 2. What is true, what has happened?” Since no human observer was present neither at the beginning nor during the evolutionary process, the only evidence we have is circumstantial or revelational; therefore, Creation or Evolution never be facts. Each model is accepted by FAITH based on the worldview of the observer. Science’s best knowledge is expressed in laws like gravity, which can be proven in the present and have NO known exceptions. Scientific theories are accurate statements that can be tested and demonstrated to be true and confirmed not to be false, so Evolution cannot be a theory. At best Evolution and Creation are frameworks or models of the past and should NOT be called scientific.

Each of these models has implications for how students view their self-identity. Creation states that we are created in God’s image, but are marred by rebellion against him but can be redeemed by the finished of Jesus. Evolution says 1) we came from slime and going to become dirt, 2) here is no meaning in this Universe and 3) the death, struggle, and suffering of all living things is just how it is. As an evolutionist said to me “Just learn to live with it.” I will put my trust in Christ and not accept the meaninglessness that comes with Evolution.

All scientific theories are not the same, of these: Evolution, Relativity, Atomic Theory, and Quantum Theory, only Evolution cannot be investigated in the present. It hypothesizes past events that cannot be seen. This limitation of science, requiring testing in the present, eliminates molecules to man Evolution as a valid scientific theory. Only microevolution (variation within the existing genetic material) can be shown in the present and that can’t be extrapolated to the large changes called macroevolution. Macroevolution requires new genetic material added to the genome and that NEVER happens in nature. Mutations, which are destructive, can change genetic material but NEVER add new content. Until evolutionists can show the arising of new genetic material Evolution is falsified by genetics.

Because neither Evolution nor Creation can be proven by science I turn to history. The Biblical story of Creation is true because it is documented from the very beginning in Scripture, either it’s true or not. If it’s not true, what, historical documentation can be produced to substantiate another view? None as powerful as the Bible!!! There is NO historical evidence for Evolution.

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