We start today with what Atheists believe:

  • Atheists do not believe in a god or gods in any form (no deities allowed)
  • Further they believe there is no evidence for a deity and
  • No reason to believe in any god or gods.

Moral absolutes are a source of significant contrast between Atheism and Christianity. On morality, Atheists say: “Atheism does not lead inevitably to any particular moral position” In my conversations, they insist on a relative view of morals. For example, “What’s right in one circumstance is wrong in another.” “Abortion is desirable in some circumstances,” and “The taking of a human life can be justified if it serves a useful purpose.” Relative morality is a hallmark of Atheism. That same Atheist then declares unequivocally, ” There is no God.” That is an absolute statement implying omniscience or infinite knowledge. So now we come to the problem: morals are relative, but the fundamental declaration of “no God” is absolute. This relativism vs. absolute conflict is a contradiction of the highest order. You can’t have it both ways! Atheism is a direct contradiction that defies logic and reason.

Here’s a conversation I had with an Atheist.

Charlie: “Are there moral absolutes in the universe like the Ten Commandments?”

Atheist: “Of course not. All moral judgments are dependent on society’s conditions.”

Charlie: “Is there a God?”

Atheist: “No! I say that with certainty, absolutely not!”

Charlie: “So when it comes to morality, there are no absolutes, but you make the absolute statement ‘there is no God.’ Do you know everything? You can’t have it both ways: absolute and relative. Atheism is a contradiction in the highest order. If you are going to be consistent with your logic, the best an Atheist can be is Agnostic! Atheism itself is a logical contradiction!”

Wow. That always gets a strong reaction, usually with some anger. The logical flaw in their worldview has been found out, and they don’t like it. They know there is no way to explain or justify it, so their only recourse is to create a smoke screen.

Here are six questions I ask atheists to provoke them to think about their worldview.

  • If there is no God, then why does it matter to you if anyone believes in Jesus?
  • Why does my belief in Jesus distress you so much?
  • Don’t I have freedom to believe what I want to?
  • Why does it make you so angry I believe in God?
  • If God doesn’t exist, why does it matter?
  • If there is no God what’s your point?

In the history of the Christian church, many rulers, philosophers, kings, etc. have tried to destroy Christianity. They have even, at times, declared it dead. Why, after many centuries, haven’t they succeeded? If Christianity is not true, then there is no point in trying to destroy it. Leave it alone; it should just go out of fashion and disappear. IT HASN”T, WHY? Because it’s TRUE!

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3 thoughts on “Atheism is a CONTRADICTION

  1. Life After Doubt

    While there are atheists similar to what you describe, the vast majority have nothing in common with your idea of what an atheist believes. Most atheists do not talk about their atheism openly, have zero interest in the topic of religion, and are happy to let others believe what they want to.

    And while I also wish everyone would adopt a “live and let live” attitude, I am faced daily with Christians who would sharply disagree. They want Christianity in our schools and in government, and claim that I am lying when I say I don’t believe in God anymore.

    You have reduced atheism to a basic angry defiance based on a handful of poor representatives. You may feel less angry toward our point of view if you understood it better.

    In the future, if someone says you are wrong and have no right to believe in God– walk away from that argument. It will be a waste of your time. But more importantly, do not become the person who would do the same to someone else.


  2. Hello, friendly average atheist here. The thing is, atheism is the lack of belief, so if you were to ask me if there was a deity (of any religion), my answer would be that I simply do not believe in any of them. I could go in deeper, but that’s something I’d post on my own blog.

    I’ll answer some of the questions you posted.

    If there is no God, then why does it matter to you if anyone believes in Jesus?
    – It doesn’t really matter to me. I’m fine with people believing whatever they want with one condition; as long as it does not discriminate, oppress, or harm others.

    Why does my belief in Jesus distress you so much?
    – It doesn’t. I just wish you might be considerate towards my own personal worldviews.

    Don’t I have freedom to believe what I want to?
    – You have as much freedom as I do. It’s only when that freedom of faith tries to control those of other faiths, those with non-theistic beliefs, or seeks to harm others in some way that I have an issue.

    Why does it make you so angry I believe in God?
    – Again, not something that bothers me or makes me angry. The anger comes from the hateful things done in the name of religion (racism, discrimination, physical assault, etc).

    If God doesn’t exist, why does it matter?
    – It doesn’t. The issues comes from those who use their religion as a means to provoke hatred and fear towards those who are different or do not believe in the same thing.

    If there is no God what’s your point?
    – My point is that I wish to not fear being verbally and physically attacked because I am not a believer in a majority religion. I believe all faiths and nontheists should be represented equally in government and that religion should not play parts in politics because the government needs to equally represent everyone of all religions and atheists. Religious privilege is what bothers me.

    While there are extremists for all religions, there are extremists in the atheist community as well, but the majority of us just to be allowed to live without the fear of losing our jobs, our family members, our friends, and the hate just because we don’t believe in deities. I don’t shout my atheism from rooftops, and I am respectful when in a home that does practice their faith even if it makes me uncomfortable; I just want that same respect.


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