Give Your Christian Testimony at Every Opportunity!

As a Christian do you get stumped by a question from a friend or family member that shuts down your intent to share the Gospel? When asked one of “those” questions like “Where did Cain get his wife?” don’t answer immediately. Share your testimony FIRST. In my book “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” I teach a strategy that gets to your testimony BEFORE answering that question. Today I’ll share the SHORT version of mine. (My book also has medium and long ones.)

After you’ve taken their spiritual temperature continue: “I am sure there is an adequate answer to your question but before I answer your question, let me tell you about my journey of to becoming a Christian.”

“As I matured, I left the church of my youth and ultimately became a hard-core atheist. How could there be a God with so much suffering and death in the world? After marrying my wife, Terry, and having two children, our family came to Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1973. Since we left our families in New York and New Jersey, Sundays became a long day with two small children. My wife, Terry, met some neighbors and as an ex-Catholic decided to attend an Episcopal church, leaving me home with two young children. After several weeks, I also decided to participate in that church. Managing two young children at home was not an easy task for me. My new life in Greensboro was falling apart quickly. My marriage was faltering, I had a drinking problem, I had a to pornography addiction, and had a job working for a man I hated. The church we attended held a weekend retreat in Asheville, North Carolina, in 1977, and both Terry and I felt it would be good for me to get away for a short time. As the weekend progressed, I was confronted with the gospel. I was a lost sinner. That was very clear by the way my life was going, but what could I do about it? Nothing myself, but it became apparent that my sin debt was paid by Jesus’ death on the cross. He could give me new life! Wow! Everything changed. I came back to Greensboro a new person. Christ would begin to heal our marriage, change my behavior, and give me a new worldview. Atheism was trashed for a relationship with the living God. The changes were so dramatic my fellow workers joked about the old Charlie (the one that drank a lot of beer and religiously read Playboy and Penthouse) vs. the new Charlie that was entirely made over. My description of myself today would be “a wicked sinner saved by grace.” From a hard-core atheist, I “evolved” into a Bible-believing Christian.”

Now ask your questioner another question. Remember Jesus did this all the time. Use one of these or make up your own. You want to probe how they react to your testimony.

“Now you understand the radical change that took place in my life, how about you? What do you believe?”

“Tell me about what you believe.”

Or you can go directly to an invitation. “Now you know how Jesus changed my life. Would you like him to change yours?”

YOU can be an effective evangelist! Adopt my strategy!

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