Evolution Destroys Students Minds, Motivation, and Future!

Today I look at how teaching “where we came from,” impacts our children’s minds, motivation, and future.

Biblical Christian View: When we teach children the Biblical worldview, we teach:

“You are made in God’s image. You are marvelously constructed for purpose. But you are separated from God by you own sin and rebellion. God has provided a way to return to him through Jesus Christ. When you die, you go to be with him forever, or you will eternally perish in hell. Your life does not end at death! This life is birth, pain, pleasure, and struggle, but death has been defeated at the cross by Jesus. The best is yet to come: eternal life in Christ.” (Charlie Liebert 1995)

Atheistic Evolution View. Evolution begins with inanimate matter and brings all the variety of life on earth through a branching tree. Dead chemicals form the first one-celled organism from “pond scum.” Then, for millions of years, creatures evolve by mutation and natural selection to higher and higher forms until finally, an apelike ancestor gives birth to the first man and woman. Although we are the best nature can do, we are just the highest animal, and nothing better than all other animals below us. This Evolution cycle is a continuous process of reproduction, struggle, and death. If Evolution is true then:

  • There is no need for God; there is no sin and no need for a
  • Moral values have no basis and life has no meaning.
  • The man is not responsible for his actions because he’s just chemical & electrical impulses.
  • Humankind is the highest animal, and human life has the same value as other animals.
  • Mankind can be selectively bred, aborted, murdered, et, because of natural selection.
  • Death is the end of life, and you are annihilated.

In US public schools, Evolution is taught as fact, and there is no other explanation of “where we came from.” When we teach children the Evolutionary worldview, we teach them:

“You came from pond scum. You’re a bunch of chemical reactions and electrical impulses. You’re not any better than your pet dog or cat. Life has no meaning or purpose. Some day you will die, and when your life ends you will be extinguished or annihilated. You will go out of existence. Your body goes back to the earth, and your mind and life accomplishments come to nothing. So life is birth, pain, pleasure, struggle, and death.” (Charlie Liebert 1995)

When I talk to teens who believe Evolution, I hear, “Why continue living if life is so hopeless?” “What’s the point if I am going to die anyway?” My favorite from one of my seminars: “If when I die, my life amounts to nothing, then why live long? To die sooner is better.”

LESSON: The Bible says you reap what you sow. If we sow hopelessness because we believe Evolution, what shall we reap? The Biblical Christian and Atheistic Evolutionist are polar opposites! They are as far apart as you can get! One gives hope the other hopelessness. When we continue to sacrifice our children’s minds by teaching them Evolution alone we provide them with NO HOPE. Christ is the greatest hope.

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