Can Science Prove Evolution or Creation? NO!

Applying science to Creation or Evolution, we must separate science into two kinds. Operational science (OS) we do by observing nature in the present to see how things work. OS brings technology and is of great benefit to humanity. Historical Science (HS), looks at current knowledge, including operational science, and uses it to reconstruct the past. CSI agents examine a crime scene with operational science, fingerprints, DNA, dead bodies, weapons, etc. and take the results to try to reconstruct the events that occurred to show the perpetrator is guilty. If they are good, they guess correctly, but there is no guarantee. The state brings the evidence (OS results) to a jury to see if they get a unanimous verdict. Sometimes the state gets a conviction, at times an acquittal, and sometimes the jury can’t agree so the case may go to trial again. This justice uses the adversary concept that, if a group of impartial observers looks at the evidence, they will come to a correct decision. The operational data is proven, but its interpretation (HS) is a guess and may need to be modified if there’s new data. Suddenly a truthful eyewitness is found. Now know for certain what happened. An honest witness gives us a reliable view of the past while historical science is not as reliable because of all its assumptions. Historic Science does not fit the actual definition of science because it is not fact or knowledge, but an interpretation of facts or knowledge.

Creationists and evolutionists have the same evidence: biology, geology, and astronomy. Each side looks at the evidence and comes to opposite conclusions. Why? Each one has a different worldview and a different set of presuppositions. For example, an atheist can never accept Creation because it requires God, and his absolute presupposition is “there is no God.” So much for their claim they are broadminded. A Christian, on the other hand, can consider either origin model because we have no conflicting presuppositions. Therefore, Christians are more open-minded than atheists. Tell that to them and see what happens. BOOM!

What does this say? GODISNOWHERE. Since there are no spaces, we will have to interpret it. Does it say GOD IS NOWHERE, or GOD IS NOW HERE? We have incomplete evidence, the lack of spaces, so we must understand the message. Different people look at the same evidence and come to different conclusions. It’s not a matter of scientific data; it’s how they see it from their perspective.

In determining past events, science has three limitations. 1) Science is in the present, and any attempt to apply it to the past is fraught with uncertainty. 2) Science can only explore the material world, and any questions beyond it can’t be directly answered. 3) The past is the third barrier. We don’t have a time machine to go back and look at what happened. So how can we know? An eyewitness to the events could tell us what happened. That is what we have in the Bible—an eyewitness account of what occurred in the past.

LESSON: God created in six days!

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