Why I believe this BIG Universe is only 6,000 Years Old?

The age of the Universe is a major area of disagreement between Biblical Creationists and those that believe it is billions of years old. “Old Earthers” include Evolutionists, Atheistic, and religious, and Old Earth Creationists. I believe in a young Earth because of what the Bible says, but I want to understand it using science. Here are three scientific explanations that Young Earth Creationists use.

1) Decreasing the speed of light. When God created light on day one, the speed of light was almost infinite but has slowed to its current speed today making all distance measurements using light speed significantly overstated.

2) Creation with the appearance of age. Creation was made fully functioning, and the light from long distances was put in place at the moment of creation, just

3) Young Earth Cosmology developed by Dr. R. Humphreys, published in “Starlight and Time.” Using Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and changing the assumptions from the “Big Bang” model he creation of a young universe that appears old. To get the equations to work for the Big Bang a series of assumptions (parameters) have to be set in the equations. These are; the 1) Universe contains no boundaries, 2) size is infinite, 3) has no edge, 4) no center of mass, 5) uniform distribution of matter, and 6) no net gravity effect. These assumptions are in direct contradiction to scientific observations. For example, it is VERY lumpy and does NOT have a uniform distribution of mass. When you set parameters in Einstein’s theory to conform to observed science, you get a young expanding Universe that appears old.

Here are two Biblical reasons I believe in a “Young Earth”:

1) The Bible is clear that death is a direct result of Adam’s sin, yet allcause they are accommodatingGod would have used death and struggle as a POSITIVE process to make progress in all the old Earth scenarios. That’s what evolution and NOT what the Bible says about death. A God, who uses death, is NOT the God of Scripture!!!

2) At the end of each Creation day, God says his process is good. At the end of the sixth day, Scripture says: “Then God saw everything that He hath made, and behold it was very good.” EVERYTHING was VERY GOOD. This expression implies a perfect Creation with no sin, death, rebellion, etc. “Old Earth” processes have the fall of Satan, death, sin, and all other kinds of imperfection present before the end of day six implying that the clear statement of Scripture either wasn’t “everything that He had made” or it wasn’t “very good. You can’t have any sin before the end of the sixth day because it’s in direct conflict with the clear words of Scripture.

Lesson: A young Universe, about 6,000 years old, is both Biblically and Scientifically sound. Christians can believe it with confidence.

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2 thoughts on “Why I believe this BIG Universe is only 6,000 Years Old?

  1. Jim cox

    Hello. My name is Jim. I have been a Christian my whole life. I’m now 55. I have studied and read about most sciences most my life. I can’t deny the scientific world and the reasoning behind many things that I might not agree with based on religion. But we need not be afraid as Christians to follow the science. Scientists cannot explain many things they put forth as facts. But as Christians we shouldn’t be stubborn when things don’t line up according to our beliefs. It just means we don’t or can’t understand it yet. I can’t believe in a 6000 year old earth or universe. There is no good science so far to back that up. Let’s follow the science we know.


    1. Jim, in your response you stated that there is “no good science so far to back it up.” Are you familiar with the publications of ICR, AIG and CRS that present good scientific arguments for a young Earth? After I became a Christian at age 35, converted from a committed Atheist, I had to study the “other side” (Creation) for more than three years. I evolved from an Atheistic Evolutionist to a Young Earth Creationist. Look at the work of Creationists before you just dismiss their work. Don’t take other peoples opinions as true. Use your own logic and intelligence to evaluate the interpretation of the scientific data. I believe a Young Earth fits science much better than Old Earth Evolution.


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