Evolution, Eugenics and Racism, 3 Evil Peas in a Pod. Abortion is Racism!

Evolution, Eugenics and Racism are all linked together in a common thread that destroys life in may ways, from death camps to legal abortion. The pattern is simple the “state” simply declares one group of people not legally protected as human, Jews in Germany, slaves and the unborn in the US. Eugenics, based on Evolution “is the study of the agencies under social control, that improve or impair the racial qualities of future generations either physically or mentally.” There was a large “eugenics” movement, partially led my Margaret Sanger, in America until WW II began.

“A direct line runs from Darwin, through the father of the eugenics movement—Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton—to the extermination camps of Nazi Europe.” Eugenics rooted in German philosophy in 20s gave rise to the propagation of racism during the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 1930s and 40s.

For example: from the Nuremberg (Germany) Laws on Citizenship and Race, September 15, 1935. ARTICLE 4. (1) A Jew cannot be a citizen of the Reich. He cannot exercise the right to vote; he cannot hold public office. (2) Jewish officials will be retired as of December 31, 1935.

Here are some quotes from articles of that time (citations are in my book). “In 1936 the German Supreme Court ‘refused to recognize Jews living in Germany as ‘persons’ in the legal sense.’” “Jews have an inborn character that makes them a ‘slave race’ while the Germans, or Aryans, were the ‘Master race.’” “The Jews are a mongrel race.” “The Jews are inferior and depraved … the duty of the Nordic people is to exterminate such parasitic races as we exterminate snakes and beasts of prey.”

This Racism based on Eugenics and Evolution would result in the Holocaust. The US was not much better in the past. The US Supreme Court in 1857 ruled in Dred Scott v. Sandford “that people of African descent imported into the United States and held as slaves, or their descendants—whether or not they were slaves—were not legal persons and could never be citizens of the United States.” It was a 7–2 decision.

In the US today we have declared the unborn “non-persons and murder them with impunity. In 1973, the United States Supreme Court declared, “The word ‘person’ as used in the 14th Amendment, does not include the unborn.” The Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade (1973) resulted in a landmark decision regarding abortion. The court found that laws against abortion in the United States violated a constitutional right to privacy under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. This overturned all state and federal laws outlawing or restricting abortion and proclaimed unrestricted abortion legal nationwide. Parents NOTE: Abortion is the only surgical procedure that can be done on your child without your permission. Did you get that? Your child’s child may be murdered without you consenting or even knowing!

Lesson: Evolution is a source of the pseudoscience of Eugenics that promotes Racism. The US participates today by murdering the unborn based on a “non-person” designation.

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