Don’t speak about Creation! Origins Censorship in the US.

The first Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. Free discussion of the question of: “Where did I come from?” is suppressed throughout the USA. Comparing or even talking about Biblical Creation vs. Darwinian Evolution is not allowed in public education, even at the college level, and in many other places in the public forum. WHY? Consider three principles that directly impact why? 1) Origins censorship 2) Cultural Foundations 3) Cultural Endurance.

Principle 1: Origins Censorship. The question of origins is not freely discussed in U  to promote evolution in all public schools and most schools of higher education. The media will not report anything that would question belief in evolution and consistently distorts creationist news and views. If you want more evidence to confirm this principle, go to the   Creation Museum in Kentucky. This origins censorship is viewpoint discrimination and a clear, direct violation of First Amendment freedom! As Christians, we must be aware of it and speak out against it at every opportunity.

Principle 2: Cultural Foundations. Principles of freedom, liberty, and equality only thrive in a culture that recognizes the God of the Bible. In my book, ANSWERS For: “The Hope That Is In You.” I compare the US revolution of 1776 to the French revolution of 1789 to illustrate the need for Biblical faith to make a free society. The US revolution led to our founding and the French revolution led to the “reign of terror.” Without God, a culture descends into depravity. Humanism and Atheism as ruling principles bring oppression, not freedom. Read Humanist Manifesto II and note how it regards other belief systems with contempt, especially Christianity. Nations degenerate without Biblical principles as foundations!

Principle 3: Cultural Endurance. No nation survives long range. Eventually, every nation becomes corrupt and collapses because human depravity increases until it takes control of the political system. This decay comes from within the culture. In the US, this is illustrated by our regard for human life, abortion, euthanasia and, coming soon, infanticide. No nation in history is exempt, not even Israel. The United States today, in the early part of the twenty-first century, is in the last stages of this life cycle. Unless revival comes, collapse is imminent.

Christians should consider these five principles of Origins censorship.

1) There is intolerance for debate on the origins issue in the public forum, in both education and the press. Expect strong opposition in both!

2) In our private relationships, we still have freedom to discuss the question of origins with the unbelievers we encounter every day.

3) Societies that do not recognize God do not survive long. Truth

4) Any Humanistic or Atheistic based political system is a miserable, oppressive failure. They have never succeeded: 1789 France, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and many more.

5) Because all nations eventually fail and fall, we trust Christ alone for our security.

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