Does the native in the jungle who has never heard the Gospel go to Hell?

This question is often asked to embarrass believers because it exposes the exclusive nature of the claims of Christ and forces us to go into theological areas that are unpopular in our culture. In answering, I use Scripture, so I tell the inquirer I am going to use the Bible to explain my answer because the biblical truth is essential to respond to this question credibly. If they won’t let use it, then continuing is usually pointless. The real issue is what’s fair from a human perspective. They are asking, “Why would God condemn anyone?” The truth is required to answer, and it’s not attractive or good news. In fact, it’ condemned to Hell, and they, themselves, can do nothing about it. Here’s my dialogue answer.

Charlie (CL): We begin with the state of humankind. All men and women are separated from God by the nature they are born with, which the Bible calls sin. Sin’s penalty is death, so all humans die. Then ask: “Do all humans die?

Inquirer: (Get an affirmation before going on.)

CL: Sin separates all of humanity from God, and its punishment can’t be removed by any person’s actions. No one can prevent his or her death. This condemnation from God results in separation from him in eternity, which the Bible calls Hell. No one can do anything to change the situation. There are no exceptions among us because we are all descended from Adam and Eve. No human born by the natural process can escape this death sentence of eternity in Hell. Do you understand?

Inquirer: (Affirm again.)

CL: In ancient biblical times, God chose a man, Abraham, to become Hi to make Abraham and his descendants God’s chosen people, redeemed from the curse of death. Abraham’s descendants called the “children of Abraham,” eventually became Israel, the world who were not chosen were left to perish in their sin. Understand?

Inquirer: (Affirm again.)

CL: Jesus came to bring redemption to the Jews, God’s chosen people, but they rejected him, and so redemption became available to all peoples on Earth. Jesus was perfect and not a son of Adam and Eve because he was supernaturally conceived. His death on the cross was sufficient to be the atonement for any man’s sin. Those who believe, receive a pardon because Jesus paid the debt of sin, the debt we can’t pay.

Inquirer: (Affirm again.)

CL: In fact, Jesus told those who believe to take this good news of salvation to the entire world. So, yes, the native who does not hear will perish in his sin. In fact, Jesus said the end (of the world) would not come until this message was taken to “every tribe and nation.”

If they have agreed to this point in the dialogue, it’s time to bring the Gospel starting with your testimony and moving to “Closure.”  See Chapters 6 and 7 in Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!

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