How could ALL the diversity of mankind come from two individuals?

In this BLOG we deal with Adam and Eve’s diversity of children to show how all mankind came from two individuals. To answer this question we must first understand genetics and dog breeding is a good place to begin. Both creationists and evolutionists agree all the variety of dogs today came from an original pair, something like wolves. That pair of had the genetic diversity of all dogs since these two are the only original source.

In DNA, genes come in pairs, and have two types, dominant and recessive. Dominant genes are written as capital letters (A, B, C, D), and recessive as lowercase (a, b, c, d). The original pair had one of each kind in every gene pair so they could create all the possible varieties that exist (Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd). Each parent contributes one gene to each offspring, so the possibilities for Aa in both parents: AA, aA, Aa and aa. If a pair got isolated and their genes for both male and female were, for example, AA and bb, the offspring can only be Ab. This is what we call genetic depletion. For this AA and bb pair, the genetic varieties that were lost are: aa, Aa, BB, and Bb. Only if a procreator with “a” or “B” genes enters can the diversity be restored. This is what the breeders do when they produce a new pedigree, however this restrictive breeding brings weakness to the offspring as the genes become less diverse. Pedigreed animals often have many more health problems because of this genetic depletion. The mutt that eats the “garbage in the gutter” that you find at the pound has genetic strength. Otherwise it would not survive. Your pedigreed poodle with more than one hundred documented genetic mistakes, if you release it to the wild, would die off quickly.

Adam and Eve as the parents of all humankind, would have this “Aa, Bb, Cc” genetics. Their children would have had very diverse appearances. For example, their skin colors would have been from the darkest black to the lightest light in the first generation. This makes the Bible’s position on race clear. There is one race, descended from Adam and Eve: the human race.

Racism is based on the evolutionary construct that different tribes and nations were ranked according to their descended distances from their so-called “ape” ancestors. This ranking made some races superior to others. NOTE: look up “white man’s burden” on the web. The secondary title of Darwin’s The Origin of the Species is: “On the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life”. Based on Darwin’s writings, the science of eugenics developed, which ranked the superiority or inferiority of the various races. The closest to the ape, according to Darwin and other eugenicists, were the aboriginal and Negro races. This was used a justification for slavery. Racism is supported by Evolution. More on races in a later blog.

Lesson: Based on our scientific understanding of genetics mankind did come from two individuals, Adam and Eve. The concept of racial superiority or inferiority comes from the Theory of Evolution.

See the Chapter 12, pages 190-208 in ANSWERS For: “The Hope That Is In You.” in the section titled “Racism’s Evolution Connection” for more discussion of races.

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