My readers write reactions to my Christian Evangelism and Apologetics books

This week’s BLOG starts with some readers comments about my books.

“Charlie’s ability to express complex concepts in both simple language and illustrations is a great asset to the Christian Community. The dialogues in his books are awesome.”

“I am becoming a fearless evangelist since I began using the principles in “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! When I get stuck on a question I use ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You” to get answers. Thank you Charlie for giving me new confidence in witnessing for Christ.”

Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!

“Just the chapter on “Take Their Spiritual Temperatures” makes this book worth getting! I joke now about hitting my non-Christian friends and family in their presuppositions.”

“Using the principles of personal evangelism outlined in Always… has dramatically improved my witnessing. I wish I had it 20 years ago.”

“Understanding how to get to a questioner’s motives BEFORE answering their question is greatly empowering to share the Gospel with anyone.”

ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You”

“I thought science questions always had to have long technical answers. Wow, was I wrong!”

“For years I’ve stumbled on some of these unbelievers questions. Now, I carry ANSWERS… with me to challenge the skeptics I encounter. Thanks, Charlie for the simple answers!”

“The second part of this book on the Origins debate really helped firm up my belief in Young Earth Creation. I’m really laying it on some of my Old Earth and Theistic Evolution friends at church.

“It’s about time someone called out Planned Parenthood for their racist roots. As a Black American I was shocked at how many more of us are being murdered than other ethnic groups in the US.”

Charlie became a Christian at age 35, converted from hard-core atheism. Understanding the atheistic worldview and often hearing the “hard” questions the world uses to stump believers, he searched the Scripture to see how Jesus got past those questions. Jesus knew how to reach every person he encountered and you can too. In 2012 Charlie taught this strategy to a group of Christians. It was so well received he put it into book form, hence, two books, published in 2015. First, Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! presents a personal Christian evangelism strategy one can use to get to the Gospel before answering those “hard” questions. You will share Christ at every opportunity. Book two, ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You”, gives direct, simple answers to the world’s “hard” questions, answering more than 100 of the questions Christians are often asked by unbelievers.

LESSON: The combination of ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You” and Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! will help every Christian overcome their fear of answering the “hard” questions and will make them a fearless evangelist. Jesus told us to declare the Gospel to the world, now every Christian can do it with confidence! The books may be purchased at

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